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You are healthy DESPITE vaccines. Not because of them.

Just met a woman who is ok with mandatory vaccines, enforced by SWAT teams in goon trucks, even though she witnessed a vaccine nearly destroy her own beloved cat.  (Doesn’t sound like she has children.  You know, like the Dopey Snopes couple.)   The woman and the cat managed to live through their own vaccines, for now, so she is ok with Gestapo boots kicking down your door and forcing needles of disease, heavy metals, and random biological crap into your family.   Guess she doesn’t realize they’d come for her, too.  Well then, she deserves what she gets.  But the rest of us sure as hell don’t.

So lady, the 300 year old paradigm of “injecting disease to prevent disease” is collapsing. You will have to realize that you are already healthy, DESPITE vaccines, not because of them. The decrease of disease in our society is due to the invention of indoor plumbing, and increased food and nutrition options (if you choose wisely).

Vaccines can never make or keep you healthy. Every shot is nothing more than a pull at the Russian Roulette trigger that can kill you (and your cat) at any time.  I have personally witnessed more than one pet reach an early demise, because we didn’t know any better about vaccines.  My children have lifelong vaccine-induced skin ailments.

The Georgia Guidestones, Satanists' religious shrine, promise to extinguish humanity

The Georgia Guidestones, Satanists’ religious shrine, promising to extinguish humanity

A government mandate to inject all vaccines into all people of all ages is about the Globalists’ agenda to decrease the world population by force. Bill Gates is on video saying so!

Hundreds of parents in this social media group are here because they had one or more children DIE of vaccine-induced SIDS, which is listed right in the DTAP package insert. Driving the SIDS rate is the only reason for infant vaccination, and vaccinating older children is to cripple another percentage so that they can never raise families of their own. The purpose of vaccinating adults is to kill a certain percentage of them for mere sport. Because depopulation of the world is not a legitimate agenda.

Wake up and realize you are looking out your own back window and seeing Auschwitz as far as the eye can see. NAZIs never die. They just change their uniforms, from black and buckles to white coats of “authority”.   And now that that has stopped working, they think the men and women in blue and SWAT trucks will be willing to take it on.

I bet they won’t be.  They have children of their own.


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