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    Of Course We Trust Science. It's Scientists We Don't Trust.

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World Leaders Plan Pandemic, as Main Stream Media frequently reminds us.

Those crazy self-appointed elites are at it again.  Planning for, hoping for, engineering, the demise of you and me, and over 90% of the world population. If they can only get us to inject one of their engineered diseases, any one of them, pleeeeeease, please, please, pretty please.  (Link, Screenshot, Archive)

Of course I had to leave a comment:

We all know how badly the “elites” want a pandemic.  In order to cull the world population.  By over 90%, as they’ve carved in stone in their faux Stonehenge the “Georgia Guidestones”.   This is part of what is driving the anti-vax movement.  The public would rather wait and see if a pandemic ever shows up, rather than have it injected directly into them in a stealth weaponized “vaccine”. (Link, Screenshot)

and while several people made fun of me, one asked if I was serious.

Of course my post was serious. I woke up during the Ebola crisis to just how lacking in humanity some scientists are when I saw an Ebola vaccine scientist in an interview who was positively giddy about it.  No kidding. She actually tried to sell that horrible things like Ebola “help the economy”, because her own research funding gets increased (so she can pay more little people like hairdressers). She was completely lacking in humanity.

So I started a website “Mad Scientists Exposed”, and its motto is:

“Of course we trust Science.  It’s Scientists we don’t trust.”

Never forget, new Dr. Mengeles are born every generation. Not all scientists are corrupt, but too many of them are – just look at the revolving door between the vaccine industry, which is 100% liability-free (you didn’t know that?), & the CDC. And then realize that on top of that, some scientists truly are malevolent, and only too happy to impose their depopulation-agenda on the rest of us by intentionally killing other people’s babies remotely via vaccine-induced SIDS, by drastically increasing the pointless CDC infant vaccine schedule. (STD vaccines for infants? Really?) The NIH website itself publishes that the countries with the highest infant vaccination rates have the highest infant mortality rates (Link, Archive).  That’s no mistake. In fact, it’s by design.

Oh, and now look at the newly jacked up vaccine schedule for Grandma & Grandpa, too. They wanted to collect SS for how many years? The Dr. Mengeles say they are “useless eaters”. It is no mistake that the seniors who DON’T vaccinate themselves live longer.

You can prove everything I’m saying to you via the CDC & NIH websites

Link 1, Archive 1over 30 vaccines scheduled for infants up to 1 year old 😮

Link 2, Archive 2over 100 vaccines scheduled for your adult life, with >300 more in the development pipeline  😮 😮

Link 3, Archive 3 – clear correlation between number of infant vaccines & SIDS rates, by country 👿

The dirty little profitable secret is that the surest way to spread disease is to inject it directly into the population. To say nothing of the neuro-toxins aluminum (contributes to Alzheimer’s), thimerosal (aka mercury poisoning), & squalene (cause of Gulf War Syndrome) associated, all euphemistically called “adjuvents”. This is what is keeping a lot of hospitals in business.

The industry keeps putting out scare stories about the pandemic they themselves are planning for, hoping for, and engineering, to try to prep the public for rolling up our sleeves for any garbage they want to inject into us, but in fact, the public is revolting.

Well, we refuse.

The new mantra is Civil Disobedience.




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