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Why & When is it a good time to stop vaccinating?

Cannibalism by Vaccine Injection

Back when the internet was too young to download any package inserts and nobody knew any better, or knew the dangers of it, we had our kids all vaccinated. Still, at the time the rumors were running high that the (then) brand new chicken pox vaccine contained aborted human fetal cell tissue.  I certainly didn’t Human Fetus at about 11 weekswant to be injecting other people’s aborted children into my own, so I asked the pediatrician about it, and she went away for a few minutes to “look it up”, came back, and LIED TO MY FACE.  Now whether someone lied to her first, I’ll never know, but we know now that that’s exactly what is in the chicken pox vaccine and many other vaccines, because it’s published right on the FDA website in the package inserts. Anything listed in the ingredients  that says “human-diploid” or “human diploid” is exactly that.  Fetal tissue from other people’s aborted children.  The CDC even condenses the list for us, so we can see them all at a glance.  There is only one word for that, folks.  Cannibalism.

Inappropriate Marketing of Vaccines

When our daughter turned 16 and they started pushing the new fangled HPV std vaccine, ostensibly to prevent cervical cancer when she reached her 40’s, we drew the line, because a) she was/is not headed for the std lifestyle, and b) the supposed “benefits” were too far out into the future to be credible anyway.  And now here we are in 2016, and the HPV vaccine is leaving so many young girls crippled, sterilized, and killed, that some countries have outright banned it completely.  But ooooh, not the United States.   In the U.S., the vaccine industry has even upped the ante and, probably because so many families are refusing it for their girls, they are aggressively marketing it for boys now too, just to cover their own financial losses!  It’s a very rare boy who has a cervix, unless of course, you listen to the cross-bathroom crowd.  And now how many boys are being crippled and dying from this?    If the vaccine industry can be so cavalier with inappropriate marketing for just one vaccine, what does that say about the marketing for other vaccines?  “Oops, sorry folks, we shot up the whole population with the wrong flu vaccine last year.  Silly us!”  No, these jokers just can’t get their story straight.

Russian Roulette by Vaccine

Roulette WheelWe know now that vaccines are not an exact science, and “mistakes” happen, people get the diseases they are vaccinated for, suffer terrible and excruciating side effects, and many people, more than the industry will admit, die.  Just in our own family about 10 years ago, the pneumonia vaccine came so close to killing Grandma, the matriarch, that our entire extended family quit cold turkey and stopped vaccinating at all, because then we all understood so viscerally, that vaccines are NOT an exact “science”, and that every shot is Russian Roulette!

Fraud in the Vaccine Industry

Your humble correspondent does not know how much more of this the reader can bear, but we know now there is much fraud going on at the CDC concerning just one vaccine, the MMR which is driving the nation’s high (now 1 in 68 children) autism rates, according to CDC researcher turned whistle Dr. William Thompson.  This has been known to the CDC for over 10 years, and yet multiple doses of the MMR are aggressively pushed on parents to inject into their babies.  If there’s fraud in the MMR, I myself have no doubt fraud is going on with other vaccines.  HPV comes to mind.  While it’s still in theaters, you can also rent digital stream for the documentary movie, Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.

Bioweapon Eugenics by Vaccine

syringe with gloveBeyond that, it has come to light that depopulation eugenicist elites (the U.N., WHO, self-righteous condescending billionaires like Bill & Melinda Gates) have gotten into the vaccine industry and they are intentionally weaponizing some vaccines to intentionally drive up SIDS rates worldwide and sterilize women in certain countries in Africa.   The CDC knows from its own published research that there is a direct correlation between a country’s infant vaccination rate and its infant mortality rate.   So what is their response?  To increase the American infant vaccine schedule, and pressure other countries to do likewise.   The only word for this is murder.

Bottom line

The bottom line is, any one of the above reasons is sufficient for you to cease and desist vaccinating yourself and your family, and never vaccinate anyone in your family ever again:

  • incompetence in the vaccine industry
  • improper marketing of vaccines
  • Russian Roulette by vaccine
  • fraudulent vaccine research
  • eugenic murder by vaccine
  • cannibalism inherent in vaccine manufacture

Forgive Yourself and Stop NOW

But we all must forgive ourselves, for having been duped for as long we were duped for, as we each wake up one heart, mind, and soul at a time.

The only time anyone can stop vaccinating is now.   Simply refuseknow your rights, line up your exemption forms for your state, move out of your state if you have to (CA, WV, & MS).  It’s that important.  And build your immune system and those of your children through nutrition.  The internet is exploding with information and research about doing just that.

Find kindred spirits

There are multiple HUUUUGE communities on Facebook of people who have woken up to what vaccines are, and we do what we can to wake ever more people up, one mind, one heart, one soul at a time. But if you wade into that, be prepared for all the suffering people you will encounter, all the parents of vaccine-killed babies artificially labeled “SIDS”, all the parents raising brain damaged children who were fine one day, got vaccinated, and are having lifelong seizures the next, retarded and autistic, all the people suffering with decades of horrible autoimmune diseases, and cancer.

For now, it is the human condition.  Intentionally imposed by other humans.  (Yes, there are Nazis born every generation.)


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