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Weaponizing the Sun, Rube Goldberg style

A friend sent me an article concerning today’s transit of the planet Mercury, crossing the face of the sun from earth’s perspective, and relating it to biblical doomsday prophecy.  He was wondering if he should worry.

My first instinct is no.  1) Mercury orbits the sun 4 times a year, so that is not rare.  And 2) Mercury’s orbit is skewed, so it actually gets between the sun and the earth about 8 times per century, which on the astronomical scale of things, makes that not rare at all either.




On the other hand, I have been watching scare tactics for years by people who want to “make us afraid” of the sun, the very thing most needed for life.  The usual tactic is to put up a spectacular image of a solar flare, along with very scary sounding articles that such a thing could take down all electronics & electronic communications, the power grid, hospitals (oh the humanity), GPS & navigation, the unnecessary and suffocating tangle of computers in automobiles & mass transit, will knock us back to the “dark ages”, and on and on ‘buuga buuga buuga”.   For one thing, the “dark ages” are more related to historical oppressive social systems of human oppression, such as feudalism, which had nothing to do with technology.  (Perhaps the term they were looking for was “stone age”.)  For another, since you can’t undo human knowledge, we would just rebuild.  The NY stock exchange was back up again just 6 days after 9/11.   Did anybody even miss it?   Yes, it is true there was once a solar flare that was large enough and aimed well enough at the earth that it knocked out the telegraph network in the early days of telegraphs.  What happened then?  People watched the pyrotechnics in the sky – the aurora borealis & australis, and then they rebuilt their communications.  Why would things be different now?  People would just prioritize & rebuild.  People might actually find temporary relief from the mad modern pace of the world.  Maybe we would be changed forever, and maybe not in a bad way at all.

And then again, there are Mad Scientists.  In my response to my friend, I pointed out that perhaps the scare article on Mercury’s transit is just another scare tactic by the Weaponized Globalists trying to make everybody afraid of nothing, because they feed on fear, like weirdo Start Trek aliens, seeking control of mere human mortals.  Of all the manufactured crises in the world, fearing Mercury casting a pin point shadow on the earth for a few hours seems the most absurd.  They want us to be afraid of the same sun we need for all life, so that when they launch an EMP on us to disable the entire Grid, they will try to make us all think the “Sun” did it, and hide who really did it, commonly called a “False Flag”).

You see, I have been following a YouTube channel named “BPEarthwatch“, which is a guy who follows the official public science feeds of CERN, multiple satellites that watch both the earth and the Sun, and worldwide public seismological data.

Solar Flare / Coronal Mass EjectionIt took a friend and me a few episodes to figure out what he was getting at, but you see the pattern develop over time, that as CERN gears up its Hadron Super Collider, in their attempt to replicate both microscopic black holes and microscopic big bangs, it sucks down the energy of the Earth’s magnetic field, causing the Earth’s magnetic shield, the Magnetopause, to temporarily deform & collapse at times, and then project that magnetic energy like a spear at the sun, causing existing sun spots to shoot off Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) to come back at the earth and hit it while its magnetic shield is reduced, causing such a concussion on the Earth, that it triggers massive earthquakes.  (So instead of spectacular aurora’s, we get spectacular earthquakes.)  Of particular interest are BPEarthwatch‘s videos surrounding the recent massive earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador.

The western coast of the United States – the eastern section of the Pacific Ring of Fire – has been unusually quiet and is way overdue for a major earthquake and/or volcano.  It appears the folks at (CERN) are waiting for the right sunspot to appear, so they can trigger a hit on the San Andreas fault, and/or YellowStone, and/or Mt. St. Helens.   But who can “prove” what they’re really up to?

Like the vaccine industry that tries to deny cause & effect observed in single observations (of  your child), by swamping you with cooked statistics, this whole weaponized chain of stringing various sciences together in some sort of giant cause & effect solar-system-scaled Rube Goldberg Mousetrap, is so undocumented it offers “plausible deniability”.   But of course, BPEarthwatch can repeat the observations… until they start shutting off the public data science feeds…. which they’ve started doing at the USGS.



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