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Watch for MSM attack on Trump concerning vaccines in 2nd presidential debate

The drum beat is starting.  They’re putting out trial balloons to see if it floats.  The Daily Beast is running a hit piece right now on Donald Trump for his vaccine caution, while failing to mention that world-renown neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson agreed with Trump at the main stream media’s own behest on national television, that reducing the extremely heavy vaccine burden on babies is perfectly acceptable.

After that big backfire over a year ago, the main stream media, while frothing at the mouth to attack Trump on every other issue, has not dared to bring this issue up again, #1 lest they cause more backlash support for Trump, and #2 lest they give further airing to the corruption of the predatory vaccine/pharma industry that pays 70% of the main stream media’s bills as sponsors.

But now, as they are running out of time “to bring him down” (as if that were their job), they are desperate, desperate.  They have barely a month before he is elected in a landslide, by people who are tired of being lied to (by the MSM), as corrupted state legislatures across the country are poised to criminalize objecting to the escalating vaccine schedules.  The jig is up when Trump gets elected, because he has promised to weed out and penalize corruption in government (something else they’re scared to give much air to).   But  they are finally so desperate to stop him, they are even willing to risk poking the sleeping bear with a stick again.   As Rush Limbaugh says, they just can’t help themselves.

So why did Trump get into the vaccine-skeptic movement?  Well, Alex Jones of InfoWars, who has interviewed Donald Trump on occasion, has more than once, matter of factly, referred to Trump’s son Barron as autistic due to vaccine injury, as if everybody listening already knows it.  While I can’t find verification of that anywhere, it is true that Barron’s reaction to the RNC convention balloon drop was as understated (especially for a child) as Hillary’s was over-the-top bizarro for the DNC convention balloon drop.

So The Daily Beast wants us to get all enraged because Trump actually put his money where his mouth is and donated to Jenny McCarthy’s nutritional-therapy charity, helping parents help their children, after they’ve been vaccine injured.   Well, what the hell is so harmful about a nutritional-therapy charity?   Why of course:  It puts the lies to the bizarre claims that  a) vaccines are perfectly safe,  b) that autism is not an injury, much less a vaccine-injury, but somehow “normal”, and that c) providing relief and recovery from autism for your own child is somehow racist and bigoted against other autistic people.

What a laugh.

In their view, families complaining about vaccine injury “don’t have a right to exist’.    Hahahahaha.   So let the MSM & the Daily Beast self-implode.  Good riddance.   Vaccine injured families are not going to shut up & pretend for the pc crowd that nothing happened.  Neither is the Trump movement nor the anti-vax movement going away, and in fact they will grow out of the Beast’s expose’, now that we know Trump has actually donated money to help these families.

God bless him.









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