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USAToday’s Alex Berezow Calls for Medical Police State

Alex-BerezowIncredibly, USAToday has called for imprisoning people who refuse vaccinations!  Are they crazy?  Wow, just look how young the author is.

MadScientists.Exposed’s response:

Alex Berezow,

1) The MMR vaccine itself is causing the Measles & Mumps outbreaks.  People who follow the science know it, and refuse to participate in Herd Contagion.

“The Vaccinated Spreading Measles: WHO, Merck, CDC Documents Confirm”


2) There have been more studies since the original (recently exonerated) 1998 study connecting the aluminum in vaccines to autism.  Not only that, but vaccines are also implicated in the modern autoimmune epidemic.

“Empirical Data Confirm Autism Symptoms Related to Aluminum and Acetaminophen Exposure”

“Autoimmune Disorders Caused by Vaccines”


3) The CDC has been lying about it.

“CDC whistleblower confesses to MMR vaccine research fraud in historic public statement”


4) So if anyone needs to go to jail, it’s people at the CDC.

The CDC has been abusing the public trust for over a decade, and now it is permanently lost.  People are finally onto them, and are simply refusing to play Russian Roulette with themselves or their children anymore.

Alex Berezow, you look awfully young.  Do you have children?   Would you be so cavalier in calling for a medical-police state if you did?

Please stop being a carpetbagger for the horse & buggy 19th century vaccine industry, and educate yourself on alternative  paradigms of better preventing disease, especially nutrition.  When you have children, you’ll be glad you did.

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