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UN, WHO, & UNICEF Caught Red Handed Sterilizing Kenyan Girls by Stealth

In a horror straight out of hell, the United Nations’ “World Health Organization” and the phoney baloney Unicef have been caught red handed sterilizing Kenyan women and girls by stealth additives to what were billed as mere tetanus vaccines.

‘A mass sterilization exercise’: Kenyan doctors find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine

What is their motive for this attempt (and possible success) at genocide of the Kenyan people?  Could it be something as simple as racism?   Could it be something as simple as eco-fanatisism, by people so absorbed in the Global Warming money laundering hoax, that they had to stop these simple people from driving cars, burning wood, and …breathing… ?   All of those were alluded to in the article above as possible motives.

Could it be godless communists, which the U.N. is so known to be infested with, eliminating world poverty “once and for all” by eliminating the poor?  Nah, they’re not even pretending altruism.  Another possibility alluded to in the article is that the Kenyan people are just in the way of the corrupt powers at the U.N. who merely want to steal the natural resources of Kenya.   Even that’s too simple.

Perhaps it’s just pure hatred for mankind.  Be assured, it’s not just the Kenyans they hate.  It’s everyone they hate.  This is simply insane rampant hatred blood-lust.  A genocide here, a genocide there, a stealth vaccine bioweapon in W. Africa spawning the demonically evil Ebola spreading like a wildfire, a stealth vaccine bioweapon in E. Africa causing miscarriages of their entire next generation, and pretty soon you realize it’s all orchestrated.

The intention was to peddle vaccines as benign saviors of mankind for a few generations, lull us all into a thankful sleep, so we’d all willingly roll up our sleeves when it was time to cull the herd down to a sliver of a fraction.  Oh, but it’s just sooooo hard to coordinate 7 billion people to all die at once.   Different peoples require different lies to get them to take those diseased injections.   So we see these haphazard sputtering attempts at a genocide here and a genocide there, rather than all of us at once.

Make no mistake.  They will keep trying.   Watch.  They’ve snuffed media coverage of Ebola in the U.S. for now, because the “Ebola vaccines” aren’t quite ready.  This spillage in W. Africa was planned, caused by a different weaponized vaccine campaign, but in the age of the Internet (which they can’t undo), they’ve tipped their hand too soon, because the vaccine intended to cull the American population wasn’t quite ready.   But watch.  When they’re ready to drive people for their Ebola injections, they will start whipping up Ebola hysteria again.  Maybe put up pictures of a handful of Americans with bloody noses, ears, and eyeballs, just to put the fear of their god into you.

And who is their god?   Satan himself.  The one who wants all human beings dead.   Sound like anyone you know?   Don’t tell me you don’t know anyone like that.   Maybe it’s your Aunt Tillie.  Maybe it’s your Professor.  But you know a people-hater somewhere.  We all do.  And if they hate enough to kill, they go work at the U.N.

You know what stops evil in its tracks?    EXPOSURE.   We see.   We point.  We share.


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