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Tucker Carlson Interviews RFK Jr. on Vaccine Safety, and both ignore the elephant in the room!

Tucker Carlson interviewis Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.Tucker Carlson, took his life and his career in his hands on live TV on FoxNews this week, to cover a high-money artificially taboo topic, just as he is set to advance from the Queen’s seat, formerly Megyn Kelly’s time slot, to the King’s seat, formerly Bill O’Reilly’s time slot.   I hope you know what you’re doing, Tucker, because the Murdochs have been (figuratively) lopping off heads, ratings be damned, at the behest of sponsors, many of whom (pharmaceuticals) are known to have no qualms about knowingly (and literally) killing people’s children via vaccines.  So the vaccine industry would certainly have no qualms about literally coming after your head, too.

So Carlson interviewed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Thursday (04/22/2017) about his vaccine safety campaign and research at the World Mercury Project, and gave him the floor.  What Mr. Kennedy had to say is of worldwide extreme importance, so please listen to him,  although it is extremely difficult to listen to him, owing to Mr. Kennedy’s voice Dysphonia.  (It is mercifully a short clip.)  Despite all the press releases and word of mouth, this is a first airing on main stream media about his vaccine safety project.

What has been on my mind a long time, too, however, is that, I don’t believe Mr. Kennedy even realizes that he himself in all likelihood is a poster boy of vaccine injury. Because there it is. Dysphonia listed as a known adverse reaction, right in the package insert for the annual Flu vaccine.  We covered this a few months ago ourselves, right here:

Dysphonia of the Larynx, another weird one found in the vaccine package inserts
Mad Scientists Exposed, Nov 17, 2016

The insert itself – pg 11, line 212:
http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/UCM404086.pdf (archived here and here).

Only his doctor knows for sure whether Mr. Kennedy had a flu vaccine in the near past  preceding his developing Dysphonia, but owing to the obvious extent of his (and our) suffering now, I’m sure Mr. Kennedy would not have intentionally chosen to be a human sacrifice of lifelong suffering, so that his fellow Americans could avoid a few days of missing work.

Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson lost her job at CBS because she had uncovered that the flu vaccine is actually increasing the death count of the flu itself.  So it would seem Mr. Kennedy not only has sacrificed his voice for nothing, he is lucky to even be alive.   As the Supreme Court ruled in 2010, vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe products”.  This means that by their very nature, vaccines require the human sacrifice of some, on the pretext of benefiting others aka “the good of society”.

Supreme Court Ruling:

As I’m sure most people are aware, human sacrifice of some, on “behalf” of others, is a religious practice.  Not a scientific one.  Soldiers volunteer to possibly die to protect society.  Little babies don’t.

Perhaps Mr. Kennedy says he’s not “anti-vaccine” in order to protect himself from assassination by moneyed interests, while he completes his research.  However, I hope he is, or becomes, aware of where his own injury very possibly came from.  Like Trump, perhaps he is not ready to reveal his original motivation for getting involved in discussing vaccine safety vs vaccine industry corruption, other than “they’ve seen it with their own eyes” (otherwise known as a “clinical observation”).

Once you see, you can’t unsee.

Of course we trust Science.  It’s Scientists we don’t trust.

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