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The Real Cause of Climate Change

Observe here “Science by Ridicule”:

They think they can scare you off the truth with dolls. But it’s really just a rung in the process explained by Gandhi’s quip

“First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

But perhaps we can clear things up.

a) Science is never “settled”.   Answering one question in science always generates ten more questions.  Calling science “settled” is nothing but politics.  If you have to legislate science to impose it, it ain’t science.

Solar Flare / Coronal Mass Ejectionb) Climate variation has been the normal state of the earth for billions of years. It’s tied to normal variation in solar activity in sun spots, solar wind, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections. In fact, the 70 year long pause in sunspot generation in the 1700’s (called the Maunder Minimum) caused the French Revolution, by the unusually cold years causing repeated wheat crop failure in Europe. The rest of Europe – Ireland, Germany, Poland, etc. all adapted by switching to potato based diets (the potato having been newly discovered in the New World), but the bitter clinger French clung to and demanded their vanishing baguettes, and starved. There was not even any of Marie Antoinette’s cake to be had, so the riots started and the heads started rolling in the streets.

c) Since it is solar activity that causes climate variation, and not the minuscule amount of carbon dioxide we produce that the earth’s plant life absorbs anyway, a carbon tax would have ZERO effect on climate change. It’s a scam.

d) Where WOULD the carbon tax (aka punitive fines) GO? Yup, to overseas unelected oligarchs at the U.N., not toward planting any new plant life at all. It’s nothing but a wealth confiscation and redistribution scam. From Americans’ pockets to self-appointed elite potentates’ pockets. We’re voting for the guys who won’t play. Well, except for Canadian Ted Cruz who Texans know now is not even eligible to run for dog catcher again.

e) The real offender in climate change is not carbon dioxide at all. It’s CERN and its Large Hadron Collider (aka super collider) in Switzerland, grossly distorting the earth’s magnetic field, which otherwise would normally protect us from super-heated solar wind and coronal mass ejections.  Distortions in the earth’s magnetic field is observable in our satellite data every time CERN fires up its super collisions.

Watch the BPEarthwatch channel, and other science channels, for ongoing observations.

Now that’s the science. Weaponized science.  For the purpose of scaring and fleecing you.   But we can solve this climate change thing right now by shutting down CERN.  Amazingly, the United States has no part in funding CERN and its LHC.   So we can’t even “defund” it.



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