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Radio Show Topic – 10/27/2017 – Pandemic Fear Mongering

Friday 10/27/2017 – 7:30pm EDT, 4:30pm PDT (Show Notes) (Show starts at 90 minutes into shared schedule block.) Mad Scientists Exposed Tuesdays & Fridays – 7:30pm EDT, 4:30pm PDT See more at MadScientists.Exposed & FreedomizerRadio.com   World Leaders Plan Pandemic, as Main Stream Media frequently reminds us. Mad Scientists Exposed – Oct. 25, 2017 Reviewing Headlines at NaturalNews.com’s – Outbreak.News – 10/27/2017 Source: Ed Augusts’ World ~ followed by ~ Mad Scientists Exposed 10/27/2017 by FreedomizerRadio | Lifestyle Podcasts  

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Radio Topic 05/23/2017 – The War on Science by Science, & Invading your Brain

Popular natural health website GreenMedInfo.com was attacked with a Denial of Service Attack today (05/23/2017) – over this article, concerning the here again, gone again, here again news of the scientific study proving that non-vaccinated children are far healthier than vaccinated children. “Has Snopes Been Snoped? Will Retraction Watch Retract?” Google starts tracking OFFline shopping? LATimes 05/23/2017 Google knows when you go to the store and buy stuff – WashingtonPost 05/23/2017 Facebook Won’t Say If It Will Use Your Brain Activity for Advertisements – The Intercept 05/22/2017 Example of Science Fiction portrayed as “real”, with an AI plot ripped right out of H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine”: CIA Whistleblower discusses government criminal secrecy and science fraud Definition of Secrecy se•cre•cy (sēˈkrĭ-sē)► n. The quality or condition of being secret or hidden; concealment. n. The ability or habit of keeping secrets; closeness. Definition of Privacy pri•va•cy (prīˈvə-sē)► n. The quality or condition of being secluded from the presence or view of others. n. The state of being free from unsanctioned intrusion: a person’s right to privacy. n. The state of being concealed; secrecy. Hackers unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 with picture of your iris.

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Radio Topic 04/25/2017 – Interview with Christopher Wyatt, man on a mission

  Question: Did the CDC really recommend postponing / suspending breastfeeding during infant vaccination? Answer: Yes it did, in 2010, right here, but under the auspices PubMed at NIH.gov!  Question: Does the CDC still recommend postponing / suspending breastfeeding during infant vaccination? Answer: No, not any more.  They got caught red handed, and posted a “new” study in June 2015, along with a “correction”for it, an erratum in Dec 2015, that seems to be for a spelling correction or something. Question: Did Snopes lie in their “debunking” of the CDC’s first recommendation to suspend breastfeeding when vaccinating an infant?  Answer: In all likelihood, yes.  We won’t even read what they have to say about it, because we at Mad Scientists Exposed have caught Snopes not just lying, but intentionally lying before, particularly about the sterilization “Tetanus” vaccine inflicted on women of childbearing age in Kenya, while even citing the very documents that proved the truth of it. There are before & after package inserts for the DTAP vaccine, too, to do the handwaving shell game they do on parents, too. Before: DTAP-Tripedia-package-insert After:    

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Forbes’ Shameless Pitch to Bolster Losing Vaccine Investments

Sorry, Forbes, this is the most slap happy maliciously condescending vaccine pusher article I’ve seen in a long time.  And I’ve seen a lot of them.   You cannot overcome that in this age of Information,  Adults are downloading and READING the package inserts of the vaccines marketed by the big pharmas that your primary readership is so heavily invested in.   No.  It turns out that people are NOT Gruber-stupid, after all.   It is very easy to see all the adverse reaction horrors listed right in the package inserts, including yes, both SIDS & Autism listed in the DTAP package insert, Gullaine Barre (renamed from Polio) and all flu symptoms, including contagion, in the Flu vaccines (so really what is the point?), and more & more horrors, cancers, brain damage, and diseases, in every other vaccine package insert. No indeed.  Adults are very intelligently deciding the skip the Russian Roulette shots for both themselves AND their Children. It’s game over.  The vaccine schedules have been oh so absurdly yet profitably ballooned, to 70 for Children, and over 135 for Adults under 75 (more if you manage to live that long – see the CDC website), that the straw has broken the…

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