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Radio Topic – 08/18/2017 – Signs the Deep State Plans to Weaponize Next Week’s Eclipse

Mad Scientists Exposed – Friday 08/18/2017 – 7:30pm EDT, 4:30 PDT Mad Scientists Exposed Tuesdays & Fridays – 7:30pm EDT, 4:30pm PDT See more at MadScientists.Exposed & FreedomizerRadio.com The Truth – “You owe it to yourself to experience a total solar eclipse” – describes the true beauty and splendor of it: But we don’t think the Deep State will just let the rare opportunity of the upcoming N. American total solar eclipse just pass by. Prepping us with scare mongering: “Bracing for Chaos: August Solar Eclipse Could Bring Disaster Nightmare to US” Chatter on Twitter The Vicious NYTimes, promoting fear? Nebraska preparing for “eclipse emergency” How will they attempt to weaponize the solar eclipse next week? We know the Deep State IS planning some kind of Cosmic False Flag, on the premise that it will cause a stampede by the public into calling for submission to the U.N. & a worldwide global (totalitarian) government. You know it’s coming. Just how are they planning it? All those millions of people will be crowded coast to coat into the 70 mile wide strip of Solar Eclipse Totality (shadow), all staring up at the sky. How will the Deep State use this opportunity…

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