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Radio Topic 04/25/2017 – Interview with Christopher Wyatt, man on a mission

  Question: Did the CDC really recommend postponing / suspending breastfeeding during infant vaccination? Answer: Yes it did, in 2010, right here, but under the auspices PubMed at NIH.gov!  Question: Does the CDC still recommend postponing / suspending breastfeeding during infant vaccination? Answer: No, not any more.  They got caught red handed, and posted a “new” study in June 2015, along with a “correction”for it, an erratum in Dec 2015, that seems to be for a spelling correction or something. Question: Did Snopes lie in their “debunking” of the CDC’s first recommendation to suspend breastfeeding when vaccinating an infant?  Answer: In all likelihood, yes.  We won’t even read what they have to say about it, because we at Mad Scientists Exposed have caught Snopes not just lying, but intentionally lying before, particularly about the sterilization “Tetanus” vaccine inflicted on women of childbearing age in Kenya, while even citing the very documents that proved the truth of it. There are before & after package inserts for the DTAP vaccine, too, to do the handwaving shell game they do on parents, too. Before: DTAP-Tripedia-package-insert After:    

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