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Update on incoming Space Weather – giant volcanoes awakening

Re: Supervolcano ‘worse than Vesuvius’ that could kill MILLIONS across Europe ‘ready to blow‘ Yes, and what’s causing the solar minimum he describes is the giant Helium cloud the entire solar system is passing through. Essentially, we are receiving solar wind from 2 different directions. THAT is what is causing the incredible magnetic storms in space, feeding energy into the core of our plant (as well as the sun’s) through its poles (check the sun’s new gaping southern coronal hole, & the earth’s polar auroras, people). That huge magnetic energy is what is heating up the earth’s core & magma, driving the increased volcanoes & earthquakes. There is nothing mankind can do to cause or stop this. As to where the Helium cloud came from, concerned astronomers are arguing over that on their respective YouTube science channels (Higher Truth, BPEarthwatch). Some are pointing at a large passing object (larger than Jupiter, emitting its own solar wind) which will also cause increasing gravitational disruptions to the earth’s rotation & orbit as it goes by, as well as the magnetic disruptions. It’s gone by before, explaining the earth’s & the sun’s own tilt wrt the Milky Way. The astronomers might disagree on…

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