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Show Topic 11/15/16 – Politics of Climate

Climate Change & Global Greening Roy Spencer – Climatologist at the University of Alabama, it’s not all caused by man, and we have no idea how much or how little effect we actually have, and does not agree with political impositions on the poor, which will cause more poverty & kill more people. Suggests more CO2 is better for plant life. Says many scientists won’t speak out because they’re afraid they’ll lose their funding. Fear mongering makes money. Gavin Schmidt – NASA Scientist, Goddard Institute for Space Studies, NYC, agrees with Roy Spencer and then disagrees with Roy Spencer, in the same sentence. (Orbital wobble, volcanoes, & changes in the Sun.) Stossel suggests warmer is better. Matt Riddley – Scientific Journalist – says more CO2 is definitely better. Presents a map of the greening of the earth – 20% has grown greener, while only 3% has gotten browner. Rebel Media – Rebel confronts UN censor at Marrakech climate conference Going on right now: “The United Nations Climate Change Conferences are yearly conferences held in the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).” Other Rebel Media coverage of COP22 (opens new page on YouTube) Lots of science…

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