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Space Weather – Incoming!!

A friend asked what I thought about this article:

What is the difference between a photon and an electron?

All I can say is a photon is not to be confused with a proton, (which I now see one of the article respondents also said).  Photons exhibit both particle and wave properties. Protons only exhibit particle properties. I guess like Helium and magnetism —-

A friend and I have been watching feuding astronomers on YouTube who both/all watch satellite data. What they agree on is that our solar system is passing through a massive interstellar Helium cloud with associated gamma rays, which is having drastic effects on earth’s magnetic shield (CERN seems to be standing down at the moment, but for how long?). The helium is highly magnetic, and it’s spiraling massive amounts of energy into the earth’s magnetic core through the earth’s magnetic poles, causing the earth’s core to heat up. It’s also affecting the sun, causing massive gaping coronal holes on the solar surface right now, enabling the sun to expel stronger currents of solar wind, hitting the earth with even more energy.

So we are observing increased seismic and volcanic activity from this all over the world, emanating from inside the heated earth, as well as Aurora Borealis/Australis so spectacular they’re emanating sounds, similar to the stretching metal/trumpet/didgeridoo sounds that were “mysteriously” sounding from the skies around the world a couple of years ago. This is not man made, especially with CERN apparently standing down at shooting magnetic darts at the sun, hopefully at least until the coronal holes close up.

The bad news is that the astronomers disagree on which drastic cosmic event is causing the Helium cloud/gamma rays, and the badder news is that as they feud, our own government is simply disappearing patches of date-specific data off our own tax-payer funded science web sites to stop people from figuring out what’s going on.   The same way they cut the live feed whenever a UFO drifts into view of the International Space Station cameras.

Astronomer 1 says it is that the helium/gamma rays are likely the leading edge of shock waves from a supernova only a few light years away – very bad news for us.

Astronomer 2 (and he can be quite huffy about it, because helium particles by definition don’t move as fast as gamma waves) says the only thing that can explain the totality of the data he’s seeing is a brown dwarf in our own solar system, smaller than our sun, but larger than Jupiter, that normally lives way out beyond the comets’ oort cloud, that is in a very oblong orbit at a significant tilt to the regular ecliptic of the rest of us planets, coming in quickly for its perihelion, arriving possibly as soon as October, possibly gravitationally totally messing up Earth’s orbit and structure, depending on where we are in our own orbit when it gets here.  So even worse news for us.

So, where to go?  As a side note – the real reason we stopped going to the moon was not, as Jimmy Carter sold a once severely naive American public, to sell off the space program jewels and feed the poor. It was because the moon was already occupied (with non-humans), and we didn’t know how to deal with it.  Just ask astronaut Edgar Mitchell, or since he’s recently deceased, pull up his videos before they’re disappeared too, or go to Wikileaks and pull up his emails to John Podesta about it.  I wondered why Neil Armstrong practically had a nervous breakdown over just “seeing the Earth from a distance”, as they sold the once naive American public. Yeah, right. That’s what he’d been trained to do!  So NASA completed what was already budgeted of the moon landings to hide the truth from the public, and we’ve never been back in over 40 years. But now we’re supposed to believe we’re going to skip the moon entirely and go straight to Mars? Yeah, and I have a bridge to sell you. I’ve seen the footage of moving crafts in the skies of Mars (that aren’t ours). The U.N. is already angling to put an orbiting nation-space-station death-star in Earth orbit to keep the rest of humanity from “escaping”.

But in the elites’ alien-demon-butt kissing minds, Mars is the place to be, since it has so sh*tty of a magnetic field, it won’t heat up much with seismic activity, although the rest of its atmosphere might blow away entirely with all this new Helium crap & solar wind.  That’s ok.  We know now that Mars has plenty of water, and while water cars are not allowed on Earth to save the poor oil men in Arabia, the scientists are positively giddy about splitting Hydrogen from Mars-water (H2O) for fuel — and now we know, about breathing the resultant Oxygen as well.

Oh, and Obama just signed an emergency “Space Weather” executive order action plan on controlling the public in the event of something drastic that can’t be blamed on human-caused global warming?

How “coincidental” is THAT?

I’m tellin’ ya, it never hurts to get right with God, right now, the Lord & Creator of the Universe, who loves you beyond all telling. “If God is for us, who [ed – or what] can be against us?

I set before you life & good, death & evil … I call heaven and earth today to witness against you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live, by loving the LORD, your God, obeying his voice, and holding fast to him. …

Oh, and store in some food & water, before the Fed “space weather preparedness” goons put you in a camp.  For your own “safety” of course.

May God Bless You in ways and in dimensions science cannot understand,


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