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Show Topics 09/06/16 – CDC Militarization & the Cancer Carousel

4:30pm-6:00pm MST/PDT
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U.S. Government still agitating for Mandatory Vaccines

The CDC Medical Police State: The Right to Detain Anyone – InfoWars 09/05/2016

CDC Militarization Proposal: “Control of Communicable Diseases—Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.”  accepting public comment until 10/14/2016

This is in the face of

The White House petition of March 2015, that had over 130,000 signatures, when only 100,000 were needed,

And which Obama had the Surgeon General blow off.

The Zika Trigger: CDC Unveils Forced Vaccination and Quarantine Policy, Mass Aerial Spraying of Subject Populations

By James F. Tracy, September 06 2016

The CDC has invited “public comment” on a disturbing edict that would allow it to quarantine entire geographic areas of the US, restrict the movement & behavior of people in these areas, and require they undergo vaccination.

Georgia Guidestones
which lay out a secretive bizarre religion of world domination by the arrogant few, deeming inferiority upon and enforcing depopulation via mass eugenics against the many

location of Georgia Guidestones, on private property. Who pays the taxes on that property?

Playbook for Zika Panic (Yellow Fever of the mid 1800’s):

Cancer Industry, Intertwined with Vaccines to cause it:



Cancer Cures & Natural Healing Facebook Group





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