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Show Topics – 08-09-16, Ulterior motives in science news

Stories discussed on today’s show:


Story on research showing Lice increasingly resistant to (chemical) treatment

Big-Pharma sponsored “research?” on the lice

– (So really does it matter, anyway, since non-prescription electronic lice-killing combs are available everywhere?)

Infant Vaccination

Reasons to not vaccinate

  • incompetence in the vaccine industry
  • improper marketing of vaccines
  • fraudulent vaccine research
  • eugenic murder by vaccine
  • cannibalism inherent in vaccine manufacture


NIH Research showing correlation between Infant Vaccination & Infant Mortality, containing the tables below.

With near perfect alignment of both charts, correlation does indeed add up to causation.   They know infant vaccination causes SIDS, and they do it anyway.  That means intentionally.

Table 1., infant mortality rates, top 34 nations, full size

Table 2. first year infant vaccination rates, top 34 nations, full size

Tables 1 & 2 side by side, depending on your screen size.

NIH, Infant Mortality Rates, by countryInfant Vaccination Rates, by country

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Book Readers Live Longer

The best reason for reading? Book lovers live longer, scientists say.

Really?  Why?


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