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Show Topics 07-12-16, Robots as tools, explorers, and weapons

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Robots as Tools
Robots as Servants
Robots as Explorers
Robots as Weapons
Remote Control Robots
Programmable Robots
Artificial Intelligence in Robots
Robots as friends & family????  😡 

Robots in Space Exploration – The NASA Juno Probe orbiting Jupiter

BTW – Drudge front page today – NASA shuts down live International Space Station feed as ‘mysterious UFO enters Earth’s atmosphere’

Robots with hugely growing prominence in the News

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Drones (aka Flying Robots)

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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Love? AKA
Robots as Friends or Lovers, EWWWWWWWWW

“Relating” to robots / dolls over humans?

Are we playing with the toys?  Or are the toys engineered to play with our emotions?

With so many lonely people in the world, is this really necessary?  Wouldn’t these things just be aberrations, obscure hobbies of a few obscure programmers & engineers, if it weren’t for the Global Elites’ depopulation agenda of promoting them to socially engineer you out of relating to real people, in order to keep you from creating real families and having real children?

Wilsoooooooon, the face for lonely people everywhere

Wilsooooonnnnn, the face for lonely people everywhere…..

Will we really sink this low?


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