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Show Topic 12/06/2016 – Time Running Out to Fight 21st Century Cures (Mandatory Vaccines) Act

Many Ways to Listen!

He needs an army of Americans backing him up, and we’re it.

Experimental Vaccines Unleashed on Public? Lame Duck Congress Fast Tracking Bill

URGENT: Contact US Senate NOW! Demand Removal of Vaccine Sections from HR 34 (21st Century Cures Act)

by The National Vaccine Information Center
Send Emails and Faxes This Weekend. Call ALL DAY Monday before the Senate votes on HR 34 at 5:30 pm EST to STOP:

FDA Fast Tracking of ALL New Vaccines (3091 and 3092)
Unconscionable Pharma and Vaccine Administrator Liability Shield for Fetal Vaccine Injury or Death Caused by Vaccines Given in Pregnancy (3093)

Here Comes the 21st Century Cures Act: Say Goodbye to Vaccine Safety Science – 7/21/2015
Forced Vaccination: The Tragic Legacy of Jacobson v. Massachusetts – 11/2/2016
25,000 member Vaccine Resistance Movement Facebook Group discusses the very dangerous 21st Century Cures Act

Vaccine Resistance Movement Discussing the 21st Century Cures Act

During the show, caller provided interesting article:
Kids Given Vaccines Have 22 Times the Rate of Ear Infections – 11/01/2011

Near the end of today’s show, the conversation veered into legaleez surrounding the terms “citizen” vs “sovereign”, which I myself consider a rabbit hole as it fogs out discussion of human rights, which are NOT subject to other people’s “greater good” and the pernicious “herd immunity” fraud.

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