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Show Topic 09/27/2016 – Space Colonization to Escape the NWO

Water Powered Cars & Probes, & Interplanetary Implications

They’re working on a new water-powered moon probe now, so I had to say, “Hey!  Wait a minute!”  It wasn’t so long ago they were pooh-poohing water powered cars!!

Blogging Engineers come to Blows Over Water-Cars – SuzCorner.com June 19, 2008

Japanese company, Genepax, unveils water-powered car nearly ready for mass production – June 20, 2008, but they got shut down for being “crazy”.

But were they crazy? If they’re making water-powered moon probes now, I want my water-powered car!

Water Powered Moon Probe – FoxNews.com September 20, 2016

Proof matter can and is created out of nothing

Evidence of Stephen Hawking’s famous prediction about black holes was just observed for the first time

Humanity Expanding Itself Beyond Earth

Elon Musk unveils ambitious Mars colonization plan – gleaning fuel on the go from various interplanetary sources like asteroids & comets, & from Martian ground resources.

Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species

What we’ve got going on right now on Mars:

Mars Exploration Rovers Update: Opportunity Gets in the Groove, Wraps Science Marathon Valley
The Planetary Society – Sep 5, 2016

U.N. Meddling

Of course the U.N. thinks its going to reach out and “manage” people, and tax them! on other planets.  Talk about over-reach.  Only that will start an interplanetary war.

Let’s Not Screw Up Mars When We Get There
Inverse, Aug 29, 2016

Can We Save Mars From Ourselves?
When we travel to Earth-like worlds, contamination may be inevitable

Smithsonian, September 9, 2016

The Real Reason for the NWO Depopulation Agenda

So the race is on to eliminate humanity, merely before it “escapes” the earth.  That’s why the depopulation agenda has been geared up into such high gear.  We are seeing the weaponization of so many sciences that directly target people – weather (HAARP), vaccines (SIDS sticks), toxic pharmaceuticals, chemtrail crop dusting, water fluoridation, weaponized GMO food.

Of course the goal of the Evil elements in the NWO tyrannical order (tyranny for the sake of tyranny), is to depopulate (eliminate) humanity before we can escape the earth and their reach.  Why?  Simply because they hate humanity and view it as a disease that should not spread.   They view travel to the Moon & Mars as spreading the “disease that is mankind”.

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