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Show Topic 01/31/2017 – Chimeras, Human Genetic Manipulation, & Designer Babies

Many Ways to Listen!

human-pig chimeras in the news
definition of Chimera
Science Charging ahead with human/non-human Chimeras
controversy over invention of Brain Death definition
the Jahi McMath case
public vs private funding of embryonic chimera stem cell research
Could Chimeras give us human brains in pig skulls, without the physical muscle structure to talk?Get the brain scanners for paralyzed “vegetative/brain dead” people on them!!

Locked-in patients tell doctors they are ‘happy’ after computer reads thoughts 

Insanity of all this foreseen 120 years ago:

Full text of H.G. Well’s 1896 novel “Island of Dr. Moreau”

(Wikipedia summary of “Island of Dr. Moreau”)

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