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Science over Politicized Scientists, Defend Your Right to Exhale

Barack Obama peddling his junk science on Twitter
A rather clever tweet was seen today, in response to another attempt by Barack Obama to politicize & legislate science, when data just doesn’t fit his agenda.   He posts a long list of our elected representatives in congress who rightly see through his scam to fleece the American people yet again, and asks us to “call them out”, like bully school children looking to threaten and intimidate.

But as the Catholic Church learned centuries ago in its go ’round with Galileo Galilei, when you have to legally impose scientific conclusions that the data just doesn’t support, you’re not dealing in science anymore.  You’re dealing with agendas.

So what is the agenda here?  Actually there are two.  1) Financially fleecing the American public yet again, with an oppressive  tax scheme based on fraud, like he did with Obamacare, only this time 10 times worse, and 2) sucking Americans into becoming accustomed to the foreign toady culture of his Indonesian youth, that of fear, intimidation, and bowing to tyrannical “Dear Leaders”, so that we who were raised Americans will more willingly submit U.S. sovereignty to an Uber-World-Government, whom the people must serve, which can ultimately decide whether you even get “permission” to exhale CO2, rather than the American-style recognition of inalienable God-given rights of every individual.

It makes this lover of science sick to see science abused in this way!


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