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Radio Topic – upcoming 5G, another dangerous technology – 12/22/2017

Friday 12/22/2017 – 7:30pm EDT, 4:30pm PDT (Show Notes)

(Show starts at 90 minutes into shared schedule block.)

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“What is 5G?”

Is 5G technology dangerous? Early data shows a slight increase of tumors in male rats exposed to cellphone radiation – LA Times, 8/8/2016

Alex Jones discusses the dangers of 5G technology

Richie Allen Podcast – multiple episodes discussing dangers of 5G technology

Articles on “5G cancer

Articles on “5G tracking” (Google)

Articles on “5G tracking” (DuckDuckGo)

Articles on “5G danger

5G Internet of Things


Scientists Issue Warning Against Further Deployment of 5G Wireless

Scientists and Doctors Demand Moratorium on 5G Warning of Health Effects

Heavy Cell Phone Use Can Quadruple Your Risk of Deadly Brain Cancer

EMF Shielding Clothing

Caller’s Ghost Story – The Gray Man, General David Jack

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Source: Ed Augusts’ World ~ followed by ~ Mad Scientists Exposed 12/22/2017 by FreedomizerRadio | Lifestyle Podcasts

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