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    Of Course We Trust Science. It's Scientists We Don't Trust.

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Radio Topic 05/30/2017 – Meeting NASA’s & the Military’s Extraterrestrial Friends

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Mad Scientists Exposed begins at 90min

Singing to Summon ETs….. My UFO Experience….. So far….. – My own account

The Video Trail to Encountering UFOs
News on NASA Aliens

Why is Mad Scientists Exposed covering this?

a) Because our own governments have already acquired these technologies and are holding them SECRET.

b) Because by suppressing these technololgies, all of Humanity is harmed, as well as leaving government free to WEAPONIZE them against us…

Which IS the World NWO plan.

The reason for the race is U.N./NWO agenda to depopulate/eliminate humanity before we “escape” the earth to join our ET brothers in the big interstellar party. The elites are snobs. The ETs are not.

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