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Radio Topic 04/04/2017 – Lyme Disease, & overcoming this bioweapon from hell

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“Lyme disease is set to explode and we still don’t have a vaccine”

“Pandemic Risk: Zika Mosquitos in 129 California Cities”

Dr. Hulda Clark Book







Karen Allen from the movie Indiana Jones talks about Lyme Disease and the Hulda Clark Zapper

Overcoming MS with Hulda Clark’s Methods

Plum Island government lab & Lyme Disease


“Is Zika A Bioweapon – Deliberately Released?”

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Our suspicion at MadScientists.Exposed is that whether or not a disease is lab-engineered, the true weapon is the “cure”, or more likely the “preventative” offered for that disease, as a) it will do nothing for the infected, encouraging us to turn our backs on our fellow man, but b) it will reach even the uninfected / undiseased with its deadly purpose.

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Terrorism by Mosquitoes
Terrorism by Ticks & other insects


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