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Radio Topic 03/28/2017 – Off the Charts Solar Ultra-Violet Radiation, Time to Protect Yourself & Your Pets

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So satellite data says we’re having extremely high radiation right now from the sun & an interplanetary helium cloud passing through the solar system reacting with the sun & the regular solar wind. There are hot debates as to the source of this extra helium, but we’re definitely getting hit with X-rays, Gamma rays, UVA rays, UVB rays are off the scale, & UVC radiation is reaching the ground when it’s never supposed to, from all these particle collisions going on in space. These are also causing magnetic storms, which are feeding energy into the earth through our magnetic poles, heating up the Earth’s core (no, humanity didn’t do it, nor can stop it), causing all these drastically higher number than normal of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Solar Image 03/28/2017Anyone can get sunburned from this extra radiation, but some people are more sensitive than others, and are reacting by sunburning even in the shade when other people aren’t.  Because of the inordinately high radiation readings, all people should be protecting themselves.  Some people are having other body symptoms, too – irritated eyes, headaches, heart arrhythmias.

If you think this describes what you are experiencing and you are seeing a doctor for it, it’s important for the doctor to know about the very high solar radiation going on right now.

What I’m emphasizing is, these really are dangerous times, skywise.  Stay out of it if you can, particularly at higher elevations.  Hats, eye protection, sleeves, long pants, because according to some sources, skin cancers are really going up, too.

Being of white Irish skin myself, I’d like to recommend something that I stumbled upon a few years ago that has worked really well for me for preventing sunburn, and that is to eat berries berries berries.  Putting a healthy handful of berries in my breakfast smoothies has helped immensely in keeping me immune to sunburn, when I used to burn in like 5 minutes.   Don’t neglect the sleeves and stuff, because none of us has ever dealt with UVC rays before.   But berries are not going to hurt you.  Hopefully you know where in your town to get deals on produce.  In my town, no kidding, it’s the “99¢Only” store chain.  If you must eat non-organic, wash them really well.

Just yesterday, 3 science channels I watch all had simultaneous stories covering this super high radiation right now, although each has a different take as to the source.   (I don’t know if they know of each other), about the super high radiation, “BPEarthwatch“, “Higher Truth Channel” (kind of a pun on astronomy, although he gets obviously annoyed when data gets politicized), and “MrMBB333” who actually lives not far away from me in the Phoenix valley, who shows us that when NOAA-connected weather apps tell you the UVB rays are a moderate 4 or 5, he has a real meter that shows you they’re really a severe 8,9,10, or off the chart.   Gilbert is about 1500 feet above sea level.  With less atmosphere overhead, of course, things will be worse in higher elevations like Tucson, Denver, or Flagstaff.

BPEarthwatch – lots more science at Website

Higher Truth Channel – no website 😥 

MrMBB333 – lots more science at Website

Off the chart radiation in Gilbert (Phoenix suburb) on Sunday


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NOAA Weather Service Daily UV map, noon local




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