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Pay no attention to that TDAP/DTAP behind the green Zika curtain!

While the front page of the Drudge Report is calling the timing of the GMO mosquito release in Brazil extremely suspicious, some in the underground are calling the mosquito-Zika story itself a cover-up for vaccine damage by the TDAP vaccine, which the Brazilian authorities legally mandated, MANDATED, for all of its pregnant women — in early 2015, just in time to cause these horrific birth defects starting in Nov/Dec.

Zika Virus, Mother and Baby in Brazil

“Is Zika Virus Or The Tdap Vaccine Causing Birth Defects In Brazil?”

This gibes perfectly with a careful reading of the DTAP package inserts’ description of the brain damaging side effects of the DTAP vaccine given to post-birth babies.

You can find the FDA DTAP package insert here:


MadScientists.Exposed dissection of it –

“MMR Hand Waving Used to Distract Public from DTAP Injury Horrors”

Further, if you want to split hairs between the TDAP vs DTAP vaccines, be my guest.  The difference is that TDAP is for adults and unborn babies, and DTAP is for everyone in between.  Being as they all come from the same industry known to be weaponizing Tetanus vaccines for Africa, why would you bother?  But if you must – TDAP is intended to cause the same encephalitic headaches as DTAP, called “solicited adverse reactions” on the right sides of the pages, the headaches that send born infants into ear splitting screams from hell.  The FDA says so in their package inserts, here, and here.

In snapshots of the first page of each, we see that anyone with any history of encephalopathy should stay away from TDAP vaccines.  Both warn away from giving them to people with “unstable neurological conditions” (shhh: such as fetuses growing delicate brand new brains).   Both are intended to cause “headaches” (read: mild encephalopathy), and neither is advised for pregnant women, although they’d like a call if you succeed in talking one into taking it.  (So I’d like to know how many doctors are actually calling from Brazil.)


Ultimately we need to crunch the numbers, but the CDC is still calling the flu vaccine “safe” for pregnant women years after their own VAERS reporting system reported:

“4,250% Increase in Fetal Deaths Reported to VAERS After Flu Shot Given to Pregnant Women”

It’s all word games. SUUUURE, Flu & DTAP vaccines are “safe” for pregnant women. Just not for their BABIES!!







  1. Angela Coral Eisenhauer

    Well written. I have been studying all this, since 2010.. I was one could call ground zero, in 2010, first DTAP caused epidemic of whooping cough in Australia, and it hasn’t stopped. I tested the kids. Albany, Western Australia, 2010. Before this GMO vaccine in 1996, Australia had an average of 400 whooping cough cases a year, and no baby deaths. Since DTAP, and an increase in vaccination to 98.5% of all kids who can be vaccinated, whooping cough is now 90,000 cases a year and 210,000 cases where the DTap person is spreading it, with no symptoms. Every baby infected is infected from a vaccinated child, now. This has been known, proven since 2010, in Western Australia, and since 2013 by the FDA. I am still horrified, that INSTEAD of banning this disease causing vaccine, they vaccinated more. Called cooccooning, vaccinating parents. Made it worse, because the vaccine only lasts for 3 years. Those parents who could no longer be symptomless whooping cough carriers, again became possible carriers. Yep infecting their OWN babies, without even knowing. I also suspect, that DTP people, who DO ARE NOT SYMPTOMLESS CARRIERS, became possible carriers, by giving them a vaccine called Dtap , that they never needed. Next, instead of BANNING THE VACCINE, they now recommend vaccinating babies, before birth, with a vaccine that kills them if given at birth? Is it any surprise, given it has been reported that this vaccine can cause microcephly in children given it, after birth, is suddenly NUMBER one culprit for all those microcephalic babies in Brazil………. and they try and blame a mossie? The fraud is unbelievable, all for this vaccine god, and $$$$$$$$$$$ 18,000 infected babies with zika in Colombia (no vaccination) NO BIRTH DEFECTS> 4 infected babies in Brazil and 5,000 microcephalic babies in 6 months? (ALL VACCINATED, before they even born) I CALL IT MURDER, WHO trying to distance itself, CDC doing the usual appalling job at a coverup, and Brazil Health? Well the one there that said EVERY PREGANT WOMAN MUST HAVE THE VACCINE, would say they done a runner, with their ill gotten gains.

  2. Angela Coral Eisenhauer

    Imagine, now USA, Australia, forcing parents to vaccinate their kids, with Dtap, even though IT IS NOW COMMON KNOWLEDGE, WELL PROVEN, that in doing so, that child will constantly spread whooping cough for up to 10 years, after that shot, average 3 years. AND that the child will get whooping cough, due to vaccine failure, age 6-12 anyway? Forcing parents for pharma greed, to create little symptomless whooping cough carriers, who do infect newborn babies. A rise in Australia, from 400 cases a year, up to 90,000 a year (aged 6-12), and around 210,000 symptomless carriers a year (aged up to 12)…………………… EVERY YEAR. ALL DUE TO DTAP>…. Every baby infected, in Australia, sue the hell out of our Health Department, they have KNOWN since 2010.

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