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Open Letter to Dr. Ben Carson, Candidate for President

“Certain communicable diseases have been largely eradicated by immunization policies in this country and we should not allow those diseases to return by foregoing safe immunization programs, for philosophical, religious or other reasons when we have the means to eradicate them.” ~ Dr. Ben Carson, February 3, 2015


Dr. Ben Carson, Chairman of the Board of Vaccinogen, a vaccine manufacturer developing a cancer injection vaccine

Dr. Carson, you are a talented charming man, but you have made statements in favor of removing parental choice over which vaccines the government injects into their children, no matter what the consequences, even if they already have lost other children to vaccine-induced SIDS. At least, by not choosing your words carefully, that is what you have said. For this reason, as well as your position as Chairman of the Board with Vaccinogen developing cancer injections (to be called “vaccines”, to be later mandated by the government), parents who care about these constitutional, medical, and family issues are opposing your run for president, unless you change, or clarify, your position in favor of parental rights.

Did you know that Rhode Island just mandated that all 7th grade girls and boys must receive the vaccine for HPV, a sexually transmitted disease, in order to go to school? Why? Just what does Rhode Island intend for those children to be doing in the class room?

Did you not realize that Rick Perry’s attempt at mandating the Gardasil vaccine by executive order for all little 11yo Texas girls, was the biggest reason his candidacy last time around didn’t go anywhere, and won’t this time either?   It became transparent that he wasn’t and isn’t a very bright man, at least when it comes to constitutional, medical, and family rights.

Did you know that the CDC “schedule” includes the vaccine for the sexually transmitted disease Hepatitis B, within 24 hours of birth, for all newborns, regardless of the disease status of the mother? Do you know what a baby looks like whose liver has been destroyed by the Hep B vaccine, who’s body has grotesquely bloated from it, just before his horrible death?  Take a look!

Did you know that approximately 30-50% of all vaccines contain human fetal tissue as ingredients? You MUST! You’re in the industry! And parents know it too, because it says so right in the downloadable package inserts. WHY? I’m sorry, but there NO science that can justify manufacturing any pharmaceutical product with human aborted fetal tissue.  The vaccine industry has been profiteering off of the dead bodies of aborted human babies for a lot longer than Planned Parenthood has.

More and more parents are aware of these issues every day. They really don’t want to be injecting so many vaccines into their children that they die, or that their health is permanently compromised.  They certainly don’t want to be injecting other people’s aborted children into their own children.  If anything cries out for religious & philosophical exemptions, this is it!  We realize that the small measles outbreak last year among vaccinated people was leveraged to whip up the current frenzy in many state legislatures, and at the federal level, to remove all parental choice in the matter. The vaccine industry, being legally shielded from liability since 1986 has become a runaway train, standing to profit handsomely from every vaccine mandate, because it has lost site of children’s health, and has grown very fat and greedy.

The aggressive predatory escalating CDC vaccine schedule of disease injection, not just into children, but into adults as well, on behalf of the CDC’s & FDA’s vaccine industry benefactors, is quickly escalating into a modern day civil war of disobedience!!  We now know there are so many better ways of boosting the immune system, especially nutritionally, that with these new more effective tools, it is safer to avoid all vaccines.  The 17th century paradigm of “injecting disease to prevent disease” is collapsing among the American public, and the age of slavery to government disease injections is over.  We simply refuse.

So my point is, Dr. Carson, you had better clearly define your position in favor of parental rights and human rights in regards to vaccine choice, because if you pay attention to what is happening in legislatures all over the country, in addition to the White House petition to ban vaccine mandates, to which the U.S. Surgeon General just responded last week, this IS becoming an election year issue.

It’s very possible that one of the reasons FoxNews, being so saturated in pharmaceutical advertising, is so negative toward Donald Trump is that he came out last fall merely questioning giving so many toxic vaccines to babies all at once. “Tiny children are not race horses“, he said. 1 in 64 American children now has autism, and CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson has been waiting for months to testify before congress concerning his knowledge of the CDC fraud and data manipulation, and how the CDC conspired to hide the fact that the MMR causes autism in little black boys at 300% the rate it causes autism in the general population, which itself is not 0%.  But John Boehner refuses to schedule him to testify.

On a side note, do you know why support for TPP is collapsing among foreign nations? They want nothing to do with the corrupt American pharmaceutical industry, interwoven as it is through the agreement. The whole world knows it but the American public.

Dr. Carson, you can see why this is going to explode into a civil war (of civil disobedience) in the coming year.  Parents are angry, and when it blows, you really should be landing on the side of the constitution and against medical tyranny.   Take it a step farther, and promise to clean up the corruption in the CDC & FDA, and you could well have a winning ticket.

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