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Open Letter to Donald Trump on Upcoming Presidential Debates

Dear  Trump Team,

MSM hit pieces (see list) and paid social media trolls (screenshot) have recently started coming out attacking Mr. Trump on his vaccine-caution stance.  The MSM had been forced to drop the issue for over a year, after Mr. Trump & Dr. Ben Carson smacked them down on the issue during the 2nd Republican debate.

But as the Establishment is running out of time and issues to attack Mr. Trump with, they are getting desperate and are having to return to their own vomit (so sorry for the analogy, I can’t think of a better one).   I would bet money on this being an issue in the upcoming debates.

In the view of the corrupt vaccine industry, heads of which are intertwined with the CDC & FDA, there is a lot financially at stake in this election, as the 300 year old (pre-indoor-plumbing era) vaccine paradigm is collapsing.  Americans are fed up with the ridiculously escalating vaccine schedules (70 by age 18, 135 by age 75 – with 300 more in the pipeline), with the U.S. (highest in the world) schedules in the first year of infancy driving the U.S. (highest in the world) SIDS rate, as published by our own NIH.gov – (see Tables 1 & 2).

Clearly, this is no longer in the interest of the health of babies, but in the interests of the financial pockets of vaccine manufacturers and their CDC lackeys.   Americans are finally clamoring to remove the liability-free ride vaccine manufacturers have had for 30 years that is financially driving these escalating schedules, and that is driving the buyout of various state legislatures across the country to try and remove all religious exemptions from parents and individuals who do not want to inject other people’s aborted children into their own children or into themselves.  (Many vaccines are manufactured by growing viruses in aborted fetal cell tissue, like growing plants in dirt. – CDC document here – anything labeled “human diploid”)

We have open civil war (of civil disobedience) breaking out in several states and at the federal level concerning actual and pending vaccine mandates, that the MSM is desperate to clamp down on, and which Facebook has begun censoring discussion of (according to a censored friend with two vaccine-crippled children).  There was a White House petition last year, March of 2015, requesting banning all vaccine mandates, that easily got well over 100,000 signatures by the deadline, which Obama had Surgeon General Murthy essentially spit on after a several-month wait for a response.

Obviously, this is an issue I am very passionate about.

My only intention is to give Mr. Trump a heads up as to what I believe is coming at him in the upcoming debates — an attempt by the MSM to ridicule him for his vaccine-caution, and for his financial gift to the Jenny McCarthy nutrition-therapy charity for vaccine-injured (autistic) children – and to suggest he have a slap-down answer prepared – maybe points as simple as

  • Not all vaccines are good for all people.
  • The American people are smart.  It should be up to the parents.
  • There is nothing wrong with nutrition-therapy, or nutrition charities.

There is nothing in that the MSM can argue with without resorting to calling Americans, their own viewers,  “Gruber-stupid”.

I’m sorry for being a little long.   I wanted to set the stage and give a heads up.  Between the new MSM hit pieces and the new wave of trolls, I really smell it coming.

God bless you, Mr. Trump & Trump Team,


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  1. I am still amazed at the number of anti-vax people who have no clue as to the statements Trump has made about vaccines. His last interview in regards to vaccines was on April 10, 2016 on the Sharyl Attkisson show. Here is the question she put to him and his response. https://sharylattkisson.com/trump-on-vaccines-and-autism-pro-vaccine-but-cautious/.
    Sharyl Attkisson: “Viewer question: What’s your position on freedom of choice regarding various vaccines that could be dangerous for some children and why is the mere discussion of making vaccines safe censored?”

    Donald Trump: “It’s the most unbelievable discussion I’ve ever been involved in. If you say anything about vaccines that is slightly, like…holding back the hate mail, the level of vitriol, it’s incredible when you see it. First of all, I’m a big believer in vaccines. But there could something to the theory that these massive doses that are given to children have an impact on autism. There could be something to it. Now some people say no, some people say yes, I’d like to see studies. The bottom line is they have to get vaccinated. When I was going to school as a young guy, polio was a really big problem and vaccines knocked it out. So the vaccines are very important, but we have to study the vaccines and we have to be very, very careful with vaccines.”

    Here are other Trump comments that seem to fly right over the heads of anti-vax people:
    “Trump says he favors vaccines”
    The Science of President Trump
    Trump says he favors vaccines
    -Donald Trump quotes: Vaccines, Ebola and Universal Health Care
    http://webcache.googleusercontent(dot)com/search?q=cache:f1MgXxCjOnIJ:outbreaknewstoday.com/donald-trump-quotes-vaccines-ebola-and-universal-health-care-52395/+&cd=40&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us Via Twitter:
    “If I were President I would push for proper vaccinations but would not allow one time massive shots that a small child cannot take – AUTISM.”
    “To all haters and losers: I am NOT anti-vaccine, but I am against shooting massive doses into tiny children. Spread shots out over time.”
    -Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 3, 2014
    I’m not against vaccinations for your children, I’m against them in 1 massive dose. Spread them out over a period of time & autism will drop!
    -Trump: I’m ‘Totally Pro-Vaccine’ But I’ve Seen Them Cause ‘Horrible Autism’
    “It’s amazing that it’s never discussed,” he added, saying that he’s gotten thanks from people who are “incensed in terms of what’s going on with vaccines.”

    Trump, oddly, went on to state that he is nevertheless “a huge fan of vaccines” and “totally pro-vaccine.” He suggested they be given in smaller doses.
    (I put the first comment in so you won’t accuse me of cherry picking)

    Trump cannot make it any clearer-He’s Pro-Vaccine.

    • Trump’s pattern has been to be pro-something, until he’s not anymore. So he was pro-abortion until somebody showed him pictures of aborted babies and then he wasn’t pro-abortion anymore. As he states, he has witnessed for himself the horrible damage that vaccines do to some children, and so he’s not a “the science is settled” religious-stick-butt-dogma kinda guy. He is following the work of RFK Jr., and is willing to get to the bottom of the real science and make decisions from there. But he had no need to draw yet another target on his back before the election. Hillary, OTOH, sure is mindlessly dogmatically pro-vaccine-holocaust, and we’re sure glad she did not succeed in rigging the election for her global corporate big-pharma friends. We’ll be even more glad when she’s in jail and the world is completely safe from her.

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