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Open Letter to Bill Still, on RFK Jr. Vaccine Safety Commission

Dear Bill,

When did God say the human sacrifice of even just 1 in a million babies was acceptable in a Christian nation?  Since when is allowing vaccines containing the fetal cell tissue of other people’s aborted children to be injected into one’s own children acceptable, either?  Isn’t that cannibalism?

The CDC’s own list of vaccine ingredients (download copy here) tells the story.  Everything named “human diploid” is fetal cell tissue from other people’s aborted babies.
But further, the parenting public has reached the breaking point and is in meltdown, just from the measurable death and destruction vaccines have already wrought on their own families.  “Preventing the hypothetical odds of disease” just doesn’t compare.   The DTAP vaccine alone lists both Autism and SIDS as known adverse reactionsright in the package insert.  Since I last blogged about it, the FDA has entirely removed the Tripedia DTAP package insert listing SIDS from its site, but you can still download it from my own site here.   Apparently, now the Tripedia DTAP vaccine has been renamed Adacel (package insert), and the SIDS listed therein has been renamed “Myocarditis”, which means “heart attack” (which people die from).

See the shenanigans, shell games, and fraud going on in the vaccine industry?

No matter what they call these adverse reactions, they are listed because they do happen to people, at known constant rates.  The very definition of human sacrifice.

Just by wading into the vaccine skeptic movement in social media, I myself have met hundreds of grieving parents (and siblings) whose babies have been killed by vaccines, and hundreds of others whose children have been crippled for life.

I know two who might be available for interviews with you –  Greg Wyatt – whose both children are brain damaged and crippled for life, unable to care for themselves,  and Suzanne Fuhri – whose baby is dead, all directly attributable to vaccines.  These particular parents spend their lives weeping and warning other other parents over social media, and I’m sure both would be happy to interview for you.

You could just watch the movie Vaxxed (which Trump has watched), (DVD for sale on Amazon, or you can stream it online for $5), but that movie only covers the MMR vaccine.   Every vaccine has a similarly obscene destructive story.    The NIH itself publishes that the more infant vaccinations a country imposes on its babies, the higher that country’s infant mortality rate!    And guess where the U.S. ranks on both of those charts?

But we don’t see all these dead babies around because a) they’re 6′ under now, and b) the MSM won’t discuss them because big pharma is paying their bills.

I could go on writing, but I find people can only absorb understanding the enormity of the evil we’re dealing with here in small bites, even people who have lived through 9/11.  Suffice it to say, the vaccine industry knows its kill rate, and has intentionally been weaponizing vaccines as part of the published NWO depopulation agenda.  TheBill & Melinda Gates Foundation was just expelled from India this week for participating in killing/sterilizing so many young Indian girls with its deadly HPV vaccine program.  But you won’t hear a single word of it on the MSM.

God Bless you and your family, Bill.  I pray for you and your new grandbabies in these times.  No doubt your YouTube comments are exploding on this episode.  The big pharma trolls are bound to start showing up, too.  They flood social media every day, belittling grieving parents.
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