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MIT floats idea to inject infants with 2 years worth of vaccine schedule ALL AT ONCE!

"MIT researchers could change the way babies are given vaccines"

“MIT researchers could change the way babies are given vaccines” News 4 Staff Published: September 15, 2017, 6:41 am Updated: September 15, 2017, 6:43 am

“MIT researchers could change the way babies are given vaccines” (link, screenshot)

Unbelievable.  This article floats a diabolical scheme to inject newborns at birth, with a monster shot, carrying a payload of up to 36 vaccines, to be “time released” over their 2 years.

But what the heck? No names, no interviewees, no references, no sources?

FAKE NEWS. This is just somebody’s wet dream. This article is a “trial balloon” to see how well it WOULD be received IF it were invented.

I’ll tell you right now. The infant vaccination industry is collapsing due to the current hyper-vaccination of little babies. People’s newborns are being cruelly injected right at birth with heavy metals and heavy duty STD diseases (HepB) before they’re even handed to their mothers. Then they are “scheduled” to receive 25 more dangerous injections before the age of TWO, 4-5 at EVERY “well baby” appointment. See the modern CDC vaccine “schedule” targeting little babies (link, screenshot). PARENTS are certainly reading it, and SEEING that it’s INSANE. So they’re saying HELL NO, and keeping their babies HOME.  In fact, this says that not only is the vaccine industry collapsing, but it’s bringing down the Pediatrics industry WITH IT.

That’s why now pharma-funded “researchers” are floating this idea of injecting your baby at birth with 1-2 YEARS worth of the already insane CDC schedule ALL AT ONCE, before new parents figure out how INSANE, EVIL, and DANGEROUS it is.   “Oh, no no, you can’t just change your mind and stop vaccinating now that you see the horrible vaccine injuries your baby is suffering with each “time release”.

Well parents will say <profanity> to that, too.  IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH FOR YOU, MIT & WIVB?

Our own NIH.gov publishes that the countries with the lowest infant vaccination rates have the lowest SIDS rates, and the countries with the highest vaccination rates have the highest SIDS rates. Just one guess as to where the U.S. falls on these tables. Remember people, “Correlation” ALWAYS EQUALS “Causation”. Because SIDS sure as heck doesn’t cause vaccines.

Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?


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