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Is THIS the Real Reason Google Banned & Delisted NaturalNews.com???

Just two weeks ago, NaturalNews.com ran an article about a man we’ve posted about here recently, too, Dr. Steven Greer.  We hadn’t realized NaturalNews was also posting about him, but as everything Dr. Greer is saying is documented and witnessed and appears to be true, is NaturalNews’ huge audience of millions for exposing this stuff, the real reason Google has completely delisted NaturalNews’ entire website, and even banned it from their advertising chain?

NaturalNews: “REAL or HOAX? UFO experts warn of “cosmic false flag” event, claiming deep state will fake alien invasion to achieve totalitarian control over humanity

Well, we take note that way back in 2009, Google abandoned it’s “Don’t be Evil” motto.    Oddly, this was just before Google’s stock took a permanent long term upward turn.

Stock chart history of Google stock

Google stock begins a long term rise, just as it drops its “Don’t Be Evil” motto & business plan

Over the past year, it’s been documented that Google, which had first pulled out of the Chinese market because of the Chinese government’s requirement for censorship, was only taking some time off to learn the skills of censorship, from the best of the best (the Chinese), and is now all to happy to be getting back in bed with them.   And now is the time to implement, because the Chinese government, which had become heavily invested in propagandizing the American public, has been flummoxed by the recent western elections and the movements against an ultimate totalitarian (and eugenic) world government.

Nobody has been kissing Communist Chinese butt more than the Clintons, who have been selling out to  the Chinese for decades, who likely taught the Clintons everything they know about rigging national elections.   Nobody was more stunned after all, than Hillary, that she couldn’t pull of a rig big enough to stop the Trump tsunami.

So she reasons: It must be that the American people were not propagandized enough!   “We have to label all real news fake news, in order to implement our world takeover!   We can’t have the Alt-Media exposing our toolbox for taking over, even the hoax alien attack!   We have to shut them up and then repropogandize the American people!   We have to  shove them all back into the PC bottle, and we have to do it before 2020 or Trump will be re-elected!  And since the Internet is what got him elected, we have to shut down the internet!  We have to put up Chinese Firewalls everywhere!   Google just spent 2 years learning the art from the Chinese!  So Google is the place to start!  We just lost our iron fisted grip on the FCC, but we must start immediately immediately immediately!   So we must have Google start making these sites go poof and disappear!”

And Google shucked and jived and  bent over and said, “Anything you want, boss lady!  We don’t mind looking like asses!  Just give us the money!  The herd needs us now.  They won’t ever switch to other search engines!”

But we did!

Watch that stock chart start reversing itself.




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