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Google is Happy to Kill You Just as Doctors are Getting on Board with “Food as Medicine”

Reported by CBS Los Angeles, a new monthly “Take Your Doctor Grocery Shopping” Day!

Some Doctors Prescribe Food Instead Of Pills To Treat Certain Patients
February 22, 2017 11:00 AM

WOW! We all knew this was true. Why take a drug when a food can cure you? Glad to see doctors waking up, because playing hostage to the big-pharma’s vicious “here’s a lifelong prescription” mentality ($kaching$ $kaching$), “and a fat prescription quota bonus for me” (hee hee), was collapsing the very credibility of the whole medical industry.

So people have been using Google to search NaturalNews.com for the right foods for the right cures for several years now, and JUST THIS WEEK, oh so politically correct, or rather politically corrupt, Google has completely delisted NaturalNews.com!!!!

I bet Google feels like the a**holes they are NOW!!!

Go ahead, see for yourself. Search Google for “arthritis site:naturalnews.com”  You get nothing. Not.a.single.thing.

Now try it in DuckDuckGo. Now try it in Bing.  Now try it in Yahoo.  You get everything.  All kinds of nutrition and Vitamin D articles.

I will never use Google for any search ever again!  This is not a “boycott”.  This is  a matter of self-preservation.




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