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Gates Foundation Language Shell Game, to Conceal Evil-Doing

Apparently after getting caught red-handed weaponizing vaccines to sterilize Kenyan women, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is helping fund enforcement of draconian & brutal eugenics sterilization quotas on the people of India, is trying to pass off the term “injectable contraceptive” as the new euphemism for bioweapon vaccine, that is, stealth sterilization vaccine, that is, vaccine under color of disease prevention that intentionally causes repeated miscarriages.  (Aka genocide).

She (Melinda Gates) awarded another $5 million to Cambridge, MA based Abt Associates, a favorite of USAID,  to promote a “basket of contraceptives including injectable contraceptives” to couples in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.[12] And she gave FHI360—a group that has been working in India over the past two decades—$3million for a multi-center study on IUDs. (*)

Lifesite News exposes USAID’s (U.S. Agency for International Development) & Gates Foundation funding of this attack on the Indian people.  Intro, Part 1, Part 2.  That means you, the American taxpayer, are funding this holocaust against the Indian people, and if you are using Microsoft products such as Windows & Microsoft Office, you are funding it too, as Bill Gates is its largest individual contributor.   As if this horrific reason weren’t enough to dump Windows & MS Office, this investigator has also uncovered some unethical technical practices by Microsoft in the recent update to Windows 8.1, attempting to redefine, extend, & co-opt basic internet protocols, thereby disabling certain features to entrap you in Microsoft products.  (No thanks. Ubuntu, Firefox, Libre/Open Office & I are going to be juuuuust fine.)

What he’s done in computers, he now thinks he can do to people.

To commit far greater evil, Bill & Melinda Gates think they are going to redefine, extend & co-opt the English language itself, to hide what they are doing — injecting human pesticides into the people of races they consider human vermin.  When history recedes the evils of modern times into perspective, we are going to plainly see that Bill & Melinda Gates will have killed far more people than Hitler & Stalin ever did.

We’re not stupid, Bill Gates.   We are watching you and know exactly what you are doing, and renaming it doesn’t flower up its stench.

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