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Forbes’ Shameless Pitch to Bolster Losing Vaccine Investments

Baseless Claim: "Cost of Adults Not Vaccinating, $7.1B"

Without a shred of evidence, Forbes makes baloney claim to bolster its readership’s investments in the collapsing vaccine industry.

Sorry, Forbes, this is the most slap happy maliciously condescending vaccine pusher article I’ve seen in a long time.  And I’ve seen a lot of them.   You cannot overcome that in this age of Information,  Adults are downloading and READING the package inserts of the vaccines marketed by the big pharmas that your primary readership is so heavily invested in.   No.  It turns out that people are NOT Gruber-stupid, after all.   It is very easy to see all the adverse reaction horrors listed right in the package inserts, including yes, both SIDS & Autism listed in the DTAP package insert, Gullaine Barre (renamed from Polio) and all flu symptoms, including contagion, in the Flu vaccines (so really what is the point?), and more & more horrors, cancers, brain damage, and diseases, in every other vaccine package insert.

No indeed.  Adults are very intelligently deciding the skip the Russian Roulette shots for both themselves AND their Children.

It’s game over.  The vaccine schedules have been oh so absurdly yet profitably ballooned, to 70 for Children, and over 135 for Adults under 75 (more if you manage to live that long – see the CDC website), that the straw has broken the camel’s back and the vaccine industry, wrought so heavily with FRAUD, is collapsing.

Vaccines are not vitamins.

What we can protect ourselves from disease with is Nutrition.  So much progress has been made in research on vitamins and other nutrients, that it is very easy to nutritionally protect oneself and one’s family from every disease the vaccine industry wants to inject you with.   Even all the diseases now arriving on our shores from 3rd world countries.  The age if  “injecting disease to prevent disease”, because now it’s too many diseases, is over.

The vaccine industry has overplayed its hand.  It’s done.  With or without your investors’ approval, the public is moving on to REAL health and REAL disease prevention.


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