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    Of Course We Trust Science. It's Scientists We Don't Trust.

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“Do Your Research” she said with a sneer

A doctor friend who still believes in vaccines, whom I know in real life, posted an article on Facebook, that I could not help but be sickened by: “Dementia Risk Lower in Vaccinated Heart Failure Patients“.  Seeing it for what it was, a desperate attempt by the industry to try to sell the public vaccines one last time, I asked him, (ok, I admit a little sarcastically):

Of Course I trust Science. It's Scientists I don't Trust.Is that because they die faster? 

(Sorry, but there is so much fraud going on in the vaccine industry right now, that I can’t find the room to trust even one vaccine.)  It’s not science I don’t trust. It’s scientists.

Along comes some lady, who assumed without knowing anything about me, that I must be some kind of stupid:

Um, kids used to die, go deaf, etc. from having the measles, not to mention the birth defects due to pregnant mothers catching it. Polio permanently crippled many thousands of children right here in the U.S., and is making a comeback in many parts of the world due to lack of vaccination. Smallpox killed millions. Perhaps you feel the way you do because you’ve never experienced something like this personally, or had it happen to a loved one. Please read your history, people–it really did happen, and can happen again.

Add to that typhoid, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), scarlet fever, tetanus, and the list goes on and on. My father had scarlet fever as a child, and luckily survived. I got a vaccination.  🙂

What??  She thinks she once had a Scarlet Fever Vaccine?  And she can’t tell the difference between Measles & German Measles (Rubella)?   Oh, man, and she’s telling me to do my research?  So I landed one squarely on her nose, and ripped her from there:

I had Scarlet Fever myself as a child, and survived.

And no, you did not ever have a vaccination for Scarlet Fever.  No vaccine has ever been developed for Scarlet Fever.

So I think you missed what I said.  The problem isn’t science.  The problem is SCIENTISTS, who have been caught red handed committing FRAUD.   The money incentive kicked in when all liability was removed from the vaccine industry and taken up by the U.S. government using taxes on vaccines, by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act of 1986, and since then the U.S. VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) court has paid out $3BILLION to proven vaccine-crippled children and families of children killed by vaccines.

I’m sure all those families would rather have their children back and whole.

Without liability, the industry has run amok, escalating the number of childhood injections from a handful in the ’80’s, to 49 (14 vaccines & 35 oh so profitable boosters) now before a child can even go kindergarten, and 69 (16 vaccines & 53 boosters) before he finishes high school.

Just the sheer number of boosters puts the lie to the idea that vaccines even work for preventing disease. Every one of these outbreaks we’ve been reading about, if you actually read the articles, indicate, every time, that the patients had been fully vaccinated before getting sick anyway.  We have not just reached the end of the antibiotic age.  We’ve reached the end of the vaccine age.  For the exact same reason.  Even if it weren’t so, the ever escalating number of shots has become intolerable.  69 by age 18, 153 total under the new Adult Vaccine schedule, if you live to age 75.  (And there are 300 more in the research pipeline!!!! Are YOU going to take them?  I’m NOT.)

The pot is boiling and the public frog is jumping out.  Twisted marketing attempts to justify injections injections injections like the article above, are just not going to cut it. No one who has ever gotten the flu or pneumonia from a flu or pneumonia injection will ever get another one.

The time has come to replace the obsolete 300yo paradigm of “injecting disease to prevent disease” with entirely new working paradigms of disease prevention, of which (God is good), there are many. (Why vaccinate for Shingles when you can cure it yourself in 3 days?) But you won’t any of hear that on pharma-advertising-saturated cable news.  But in this information age, you can certainly find out how if you want to.

But of course, vaccines are so profitable, first upon initial sale, and then in the follow-up industries that have grown so fat on perpetually sick & crippled-by vaccine people, that since 1986, the CDC, FDA, NIH have had revolving CEO doors with the pharmaceutical & vaccine manufacturers — 100% crony capitalism — answering to no one but their stock holders.

Well, we now have the case of CDC whistle blower Dr. William Thompson, who came out in Aug 2014 and exposed the massive fraud going on in MMR vaccine research, but the pharmaceutical companies have our congress so bought & paid for, that he is still waiting to testify almost 2 YEARS later.

In the span of Dr. Thompson’s career, we’ve gone from 1 in 10,000 children with autism in the ’80’s, to 1 in 69 in 2014, to 1 in 20 in 2016.  But all the autism support industries rake in so much money that big pharma would never dream of doing away with autism — by telling the TRUTH.

Yet autism is just a fraction of the damage done.  I can introduce you to hundreds of parents who misplaced their trust, stuck to the CDC vaccine schedule, and within a few days their babies were DEAD of SIDS.

Vaccines are now recognized by the NIH & FDA as the primary source of SIDS.  Says so right in the DTAP package insert.  But that’s not the only place.  The NIH publishes the direct correlation of countries with the highest first year vaccination rate with the countries with the highest first year SIDS rate.

Countries with the highest first year infant mortality rates:

Countries with the hightest first year infant vaccination rates:

So it’s game over.  The vaccine industry is collapsing, and the public is not going to put up with the proposed Obamacare laws mandating vaccines.

When you have to legislate “science”, it’s not “science” any more.  It’s just cronies committing fraud trying to cling to their “power” over you.

Just ask Galileo.



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