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David Rockefeller, leader of worldwide Eugenics by Vaccination program, meets his Maker, and his Victims

David Rockefeller and Nelson Mandella together

Mass Murderers of Africans, David Rockefeller and Nelson Mandella, collude in 1988 (photo credit Reuters)

Re: David Rockefeller, billionaire philanthropist, dead at 101

News has broken, in glowing pre-written eulogies all over the world, of the ‘peaceful’ death in his sleep of mass murderer David Rockefeller, brother of mass murderer Nelson Rockefeller, and business associate of mass murderer Nelson Mandella.

Why such harsh words?  After all, like Adolph Hitler, David Rockefeller was also a patron of the arts, but as Rockefeller has the blood on his hands of more people than even Adolph Hitler, there is no reason we should be kinder to his memory than we are to Adolph Hitler’s.

Rockefeller Foundation Logo w/ syringeThe main stated purpose of David Rockefeller’s “Rockefeller Foundation” is time sensitive (before they’re found out) “targeted” (in every sense of the word) “intervention” into other people’s lives, using the Foundation’s financial “influence” (read: bribery of governments), to impose “innovations” the Foundation itself invents and patents, on a global scale, for problems the Foundation itself identifies.   Not because any of these people whose lives they’re meddling in are asking for the Foundation’s “help”.

In layman’s terms, this means targeting “poverty stricken” populations for intervention (and to billionaire David Rockefeller, everyone is “poverty stricken”), to impose depopulation policies, for their  own “health” (read: they’re too ‘stupid’ to stop having children and perpetuating humanity), and the “health of the planet”, as defined by the Rockefeller Foundation’s religious belief that pits humanity as the enemy of the Earth, rather than recognizing the dignity of each person in maintaining his own environment.

In practical terms, this means developing eugenic anti-fertility vaccines targeting women and girls of childbearing age to induce miscarriages when they refuse to abort, weaponizing other vaccines to target  the  general population (in insatiably growing numbers, as death cults are wont to do) with disabling diseases, to ensure that even if the populations don’t die right away, they will be unable to raise families of their own, thus tricking entire populations into committing mass-suicide (genocide), in order to clear the earth for takeover ownership by the few family members and friends of David Rockefeller’s left on the earth.

See: Eugenics Today: How Vaccines Are Used to Sterilize the Masses

See Part 2: Rockefeller Anti-Fertility Vaccines Exposed

At least on paper, killing by tainted vaccine looks cleaner than Hitler’s slaughter houses, and that’s how David Rockefeller plans to present himself on his Judgement Day, facing his Maker, and facing all the millions of his victim who have already met their demise at his hands.   Indeed, if the Rockefeller Foundation’s religious mission of depopulating the earth is not stopped, the number of their victims will indeed reach into the many billions, as is the stated goal of this religion to eliminate 7 billion of the world’s 7.5 billion people.

Will the covert murder and mayhem stop, now that David Rockefeller has mercifully (for us) left this world?  Not likely.  He has been cultivating fellow billionaire Bill Gates as his protege in arrogance, and hiding the Rockefeller Foundation behind his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as the more public face for influencing (bribing) governments for  imposing “the ultimate solution” of depopulating their own countries, using covertly weaponized vaccines.   As David Rockefeller has aged, Bill Gates has been the point man in talks and in videos announcing the plan to reduce world population (meaning you and me, not himself, of course) with weaponized vaccines, while telling the people of third world nations they’re beneficial.  That they’re merely Tetanus vaccines, or Ebola vaccines, or Zika vaccines, or God help us, a vaccine for the new deadly lab-engineered bird flu, which actually doesn’t effect birds, so as to better better infect people, the real target.   As Bill Gates promises, this new weaponized bird flu, and its associated weaponized vaccine, are designed to to take out massive swaths of 30 million people at a time.

Something about mass murderers of a feather flocking together….

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Nelson Rockefeller, as governor of New York, signed abortion of New York’s children into law in 1970. A mere two years later in 1972, when the people of New York realized the wanton bloodshed, violence, and death against women and children that had been foisted on their population, and demanded the legislature vote to repeal it, Nelson Rockefeller gleefully, and symbolically, vetoed the repeal on Mother’s Day, viciously spitting in the eye of all New Yorkers. At a rate of aborting approximately 30% of New York’s infant population every year ever since (1970-present), the math works out to a current (and growing) body count of approximately 4.5 million children Nelson Rockefeller is personally responsible for executing. This does not include the two attempts on President Gerald Ford’s life, while power-mad Nelson Rockefeller was his vice president, which every (surviving, non-aborted) school child in New York forecast in advance would happen, once Gerald Ford named him as his vice president. Nelson Rockefeller has already met his Maker and his victims, having died at age 70, a filthy death in the bed of his mistress, in the act of cheating on his wife.

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Nelson Mandella in South Africa in the early 60’s, organized bombing campaigns against civilians for political motives, (in modern parlance, terrorism), ultimately killing about 6,000 people.

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