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Colorado on track to mandate school “vaccine shaming” to the State

The state legislature of Colorado has started down the same tyrannical path as California, by directly ignoring the protests of thousands of Colorado parents, the same  people they supposedly work for, swarming their committee offices.  Passing out of committee despite the overwhelming protests, the bill being pondered would mandate schools turn over their ill gotten collections of students’ private medical vaccine records to the state for God knows (we all do) the purpose of eventually tracking down the healthy unvaccinated for state required disease injections, for pharmaceutical profit and state-eugenic purposes.

Colorado nurse shoving disease up child's nose

Colorado nurse shoving disease up child’s nose


Colorado Bill Would Require Reporting Of Non-Vaccinated Children




The only problem for the Colorado legislature is that the 300 year old paradigm of “injecting disease to prevent disease” is collapsing. The U.S. has the highest infant vaccination rate in the world driving the highest infant mortality rate in the world.

Yes it’s direct causation.

Of those children vaccines don’t kill, 1 in 6 develop auto-immune diseases, permanent lung damage, permanent brain damage, or infertility in adulthood. How profitable for big pharma.  How thrilling for the arrogant (and evil) self-declared elite and their eugenic depopulation agenda.

We know what a fraud is being perpetrated, because there are far more effective ways science has found to prevent disease since the 17the century invention of filthy vaccines. Namely modern nutrition science, modern plumbing, and God forbid, hand washing.

Obviously the parents of Colorado have opened their eyes to the vaccine industry’s fraud, abuse, and murder.

So way to go Colorado! You will drive your home schooling rate as high as California’s. Not that obsolete government zombie herding schools shouldn’t all be shut down anyway.


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