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Checklist to Defend Yourself & Children from “Scheduled” Vaccine Assault

New parents these days are shocked by the sheer blizzard of needle injection assaults (euphemistically called “vaccines”) upon their babies from the day they are born, before they even leave the hospital. If your baby is lucky enough to survive his/her mother’s “prenatal” deadly for fetuses flu and DTAP shots, the deadly newborn HepB shot, as well as the toxic-adjuvent laden newborn vitamin K shot, designed only to serve a birthing industry addicted to cutting the cord before it stops pulsing, here is a checklist you can use to defend  your baby from future “scheduled” (read: unrelated to your baby’s health) vaccine assaults (euphemistically called pediatrician visits).

  1. Be aware of the veritable blizzard of vaccine injections the industry has “scheduled” for your new baby, whether your baby is living the required lifestyle for that disease or not.
  2. Be aware that every pediatrician visit, for the next several years will include multiple vaccines for your little child, just to keep up with the exponentially increasing “schedule” agenda, demanded by the highly profitable and liability-free industry.
  3. Always call ahead to ask what’s “scheduled”, before every pediatrician visit and ask the exact market names for every vaccine “scheduled” for that visit.  This will help you find the exact package insert online, so the doctor cannot laugh you off for downloading the “wrong one”.
  4. Find and bookmark your favorite online medical dictionary, and examine & translate the “Adverse Reactions” & “Post Marketing Experience” sections, or other euphemistically named sections for “bad things that happen to many people who receive this vaccine”.   Make notes.  Do not be bamboozled by the hyper-medicalized terms which are intentionally used to glaze your eyes over.
  5. Carry your phone or tablet to the pediatrician appointment, containing the bookmarked or downloaded package inserts, and your translation notes on the shots “scheduled” for that day.  Leave the doctor flat footed for his lack of scientific knowledge concerning vaccines.  NOT YOU.
  6. BE BOLD enough to SAY NO.
  7.  Pick up your baby and leave. 


The science is on your side. Journal studies show:

Unvaccinated children are much healthier than vaccinated children.

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