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Radio Topic 04/04/2017 – Lyme Disease, & overcoming this bioweapon from hell

“Lyme disease is set to explode and we still don’t have a vaccine” “Pandemic Risk: Zika Mosquitos in 129 California Cities”             Karen Allen from the movie Indiana Jones talks about Lyme Disease and the Hulda Clark Zapper Overcoming MS with Hulda Clark’s Methods   “Is Zika A Bioweapon – Deliberately Released?” Our suspicion at MadScientists.Exposed is that whether or not a disease is lab-engineered, the true weapon is the “cure”, or more likely the “preventative” offered for that disease, as a) it will do nothing for the infected, encouraging us to turn our backs on our fellow man, but b) it will reach even the uninfected / undiseased with its deadly purpose.    

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David Rockefeller, leader of worldwide Eugenics by Vaccination program, meets his Maker, and his Victims

Rockefeller Foundation Logo w/ syringe

Re: David Rockefeller, billionaire philanthropist, dead at 101 News has broken, in glowing pre-written eulogies all over the world, of the ‘peaceful’ death in his sleep of mass murderer David Rockefeller, brother of mass murderer Nelson Rockefeller, and business associate of mass murderer Nelson Mandella. Why such harsh words?  After all, like Adolph Hitler, David Rockefeller was also a patron of the arts, but as Rockefeller has the blood on his hands of more people than even Adolph Hitler, there is no reason we should be kinder to his memory than we are to Adolph Hitler’s. The main stated purpose of David Rockefeller’s “Rockefeller Foundation” is time sensitive (before they’re found out) “targeted” (in every sense of the word) “intervention” into other people’s lives, using the Foundation’s financial “influence” (read: bribery of governments), to impose “innovations” the Foundation itself invents and patents, on a global scale, for problems the Foundation itself identifies.   Not because any of these people whose lives they’re meddling in are asking for the Foundation’s “help”. In layman’s terms, this means targeting “poverty stricken” populations for intervention (and to billionaire David Rockefeller, everyone is “poverty stricken”), to impose depopulation policies, for their  own “health” (read: they’re…

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Show Topic 11/08/2016 – Obama’s New Gestapo Executive Order – “Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda”

  From WhiteHouse.gov: Executive Order — Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats (pdf download) MMR Package insert — lists deadly Anaphylaxis as a known adverse reaction Flu Vaccines Package Inserts 2016-2017 Package insert Influenza Vaccine STN BL 125254 – FDA www.fda.gov/…/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/…/UCM263239.pdf See full prescribing information for. AFLURIA. AFLURIA, Influenza Vaccine. Suspension for Intramuscular Injection. 2016-2017 Formula. Initial U.S. Approval: … [PDF]Fluzone – FDA www.fda.gov/…/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/…/UCM305089.pdf Related articles See full prescribing information for Fluzone. Fluzone (Influenza Vaccine). Suspension for Intramuscular Injection. 2015-2016 Formula. Initial US Approval 1980. [PDF]Package Insert – Fluarix – FDA www.fda.gov/…/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/…/UCM335392.pdf See full prescribing information for. FLUARIX. FLUARIX (Influenza Vaccine). Suspension for Intramuscular Injection. 2015-2016 Formula. Initial U.S. Approval: … [PDF]Fluzone Quadrivalent – FDA www.fda.gov/…/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/…/UCM356094.pdf Sanofi Pasteur. 10 May 2016 v0.4. 450/477 Fluzone® Quadrivalent. LE6872, 6879, 6883. HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION. These highlights do … [PDF]HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION – FDA www.fda.gov/…/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/…/UCM123694.pdf Seqirus Vaccines Limited. BL 2055. US Package Insert. Page 1 of 20. Influenza Virus Vaccine. Fluvirin. ®. 2016-2017 FORMULA. HIGHLIGHTS OF … [PDF]Package Insert – AFLURIA QUADRIVALENT – FDA www.fda.gov/…/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/…/UCM518295.pdf Package insert. Influenza Vaccine. STN BL 125254. Seqirus Pty Ltd – Confidential. 1. Draft 15 August 2016. HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING…

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Show Topics 09/06/16 – CDC Militarization & the Cancer Carousel


4:30pm-6:00pm MST/PDT aka 7:30pm-9:00pm EDT aka 01:30-03:00 UT Listen right on this page, or on the BlogTalkRadio phone app or during the live show by phone at (347) 324-3704. (Press 1 if you want to talk on-air.) U.S. Government still agitating for Mandatory Vaccines The CDC Medical Police State: The Right to Detain Anyone – InfoWars 09/05/2016 CDC Militarization Proposal: “Control of Communicable Diseases—Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.”  accepting public comment until 10/14/2016 This is in the face of The White House petition of March 2015, that had over 130,000 signatures, when only 100,000 were needed, And which Obama had the Surgeon General blow off. The Zika Trigger: CDC Unveils Forced Vaccination and Quarantine Policy, Mass Aerial Spraying of Subject Populations By James F. Tracy, September 06 2016 The CDC has invited “public comment” on a disturbing edict that would allow it to quarantine entire geographic areas of the US, restrict the movement & behavior of people in these areas, and require they undergo vaccination. Georgia Guidestones – which lay out a secretive bizarre religion of world domination by the arrogant few, deeming inferiority upon and enforcing depopulation via mass eugenics against the many – location of Georgia Guidestones, on private property.…

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Show Topics 08-30-2016: Oct 1st U.N. Takeover of the Internet, & Spraying for Zika

08/30/2016 SunWebStudio: Obama’s Internet Giveway October 1st: Advice for Trump Campaign InfoWars: Bill Still on Internet Forfeiture: Newborn Born with Zika Virus Is Medical Mystery, Having No … View the picture ‘Newborn Born with Zika Virus Is Medical Mystery, Having No Signs of Microcephaly’ from the photo gallery … she shows no signs of microcephaly …   Organic Mosquito Control:

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