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Radio Topic 04/18/2017 – NASA, US Govt, & UFO “Disclosure” as a False Flag Attack

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Radio Topic 03/28/2017 – Off the Charts Solar Ultra-Violet Radiation, Time to Protect Yourself & Your Pets

Solar Image 03/28/2017
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So satellite data says we’re having extremely high radiation right now from the sun & an interplanetary helium cloud passing through the solar system reacting with the sun & the regular solar wind. There are hot debates as to the source of this extra helium, but we’re definitely getting hit with X-rays, Gamma rays, UVA rays, UVB rays are off the scale, & UVC radiation is reaching the ground when it’s never supposed to, from all these particle collisions going on in space. These are also causing magnetic storms, which are feeding energy into the earth through our magnetic poles, heating up the Earth’s core (no, humanity didn’t do it, nor can stop it), causing all these drastically …

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Radio Topic 03/14/2017 – Societal Self-Abuse by “Daylight Savings Time”

Clock, Daylight Savings Time
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Aired 03/14/2017 empty space

Is Daylight Savings Obsolete?

Daylight Savings. Ugh. | Mercury on the Move

And then daylight savings comes along and throws that all off. I hate that crap. … Artificial light has made daylight savings obsolete. It is bogus. https://mercuryonthemove.com/2017/03/13/daylight-savings-ugh/

Is daylight saving time an obsolete nuisance? | GulfNews.com

Is daylight saving time an obsolete nuisance? It is not surprising that a number of countries, … Most of the above arguments in favour of daylight saving time, … Continue reading

Update on incoming Space Weather – giant volcanoes awakening

Campi Felgrei, near Naples & PompeiiRe: Supervolcano ‘worse than Vesuvius’ that could kill MILLIONS across Europe ‘ready to blow

a wise commenter related events to the current solar minimum

“fustbariclation” The chances of an eruption in the next year or two are much higher than usual, because we are going through a grand solar minimum, which has started two years early, and is likely to last until 2050 or 2060. Particularly during the decline into the minimum, during the first year or two, the effect on the magnetosphere is marked. We’ve seen a large increase in the number of earthquakes already, since the solar minimum started in December, as well as an increase in vulcanism. We can expect more earthquakes, and more large earthquakes, as well as an increase in vulcanism generally. The reason previous solar minima have been ‘little ice ages’ has been because of the increased vulcanism – the Dalton, Maunder and Spörer minima all had increased levels of vulcanism. This was thought to be a coincidence, but recent research has shown that the low sunspot activity affects the magnetosphere that causes the increased vulcanism. So we can expect this …

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Space Weather – Incoming!!


A friend asked what I thought about this article: What is the difference between a photon and an electron? All I can say is a photon is not to be confused with a proton, (which I now see one of the article respondents also said).  Photons exhibit both particle and wave properties. Protons only exhibit particle properties. I guess like Helium and magnetism —- A friend and I have been watching feuding astronomers on YouTube who both/all watch satellite data. What they agree on is that our solar system is passing through a massive interstellar Helium cloud with associated gamma rays, which is having drastic effects on earth’s magnetic shield (CERN seems to be standing down at the moment, but for how long?). The helium is highly magnetic, and it’s spiraling massive amounts of energy into the earth’s magnetic core through the earth’s magnetic poles, causing the earth’s core to heat up. It’s also affecting the sun, causing massive gaping coronal holes on the solar surface right now, enabling the sun to expel stronger currents of solar wind, hitting the earth with even more energy. So we are observing increased seismic and volcanic activity from this …

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Show Topic 12/27-2016 – Incoming Gamma Ray Burst, EMP, Helium waves, protecting yourself

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  From BPEarthWatch – 12/19/2016 SOLAR SYSTEM PUSHING INTO SUPER HEATED GAS CLOUD more… From Dutchsinse – 12/15/2016 Large wave of energy from unknown source hitting Earth now – Possible effects? more… From The Higher Truth Channel – 12/24/2016 THIS IS SERIOUS! Energy Waves For Christmas are More Than You Thought. more…   Chemtrails over Tucson and El Paso,  12/26/2016 Weather Manipulation   empty space empty space    

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Show Topic 10-18-2016 – Preparing for False Flag EMP

To My Dear Oldest Friend in Germany:

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My Mom and I were closely following the election, and it is getting so bad, I’m almost glad she and my Dad will be spared what is coming in the near future. The two big countries the globalists need to take down to impose a worldwide tyrannical eugenic government are Russia and the U.S., and Obama, whose aspirations are to be the top guy of the U.N. (so his loyalties lie entirely with the globalist dictators), is intentionally trying to start a NUCLEAR WAR with Russia!! Putin has been begging the completely corrupt American press for months to tell Americans what Obama is doing, but they refuse. The only way we can know what Obama is really doing is through the “alternative” news sites in the U.S. (which both Hillary & Obama have made speeches they want to ban!), and through the mainstream news sites in Europe (if we speak the language)! So you already know all this, but Americans are intentionally being kept in the dark, because Trump is anti-war and against globalist-tyranny, and he’s way way ahead in popularity, but the corrupt American press are trying to …

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Ass Guarding A, B, C – Fascists’ Plan to Confine Humanity to One Planet

Orbiting Death Star planned by globalist elites to keep humanity from escpaing the earth

Fascist & Genocidal Elites plan permanently orbiting death stars, above all earth law, to forcibly confine all Humanity to the Earth

Wow, We called this one a couple of weeks ago – the Global Elites plan to kill off all space colonization and forcefully confine all humanity to the earth, to keep all the fish in one barrel, where they can take their sport depopulating the earth. In observing the stepped up game of worldwide genocide, the depopulation of humanity by 13/14 =  93%, by the self-appointed Corporate Elites against humanity, we wondered, “Why now?” Well, of course.  It’s a race against time.  They did manage to stop all manned interplanetary exploration by putting a halt to the moon landings for 46 whole years, but they couldn’t stop it forever.  It’s not just a goal of depopulating the earth and sadistically uber-controlling what few slaves are left of humanity, but of controlling every last living soul of humanity. A friend sent me a video on prepping for what the video producer believes is an …

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The Real Cause of Climate Change


Observe here “Science by Ridicule”:

They think they can scare you off the truth with dolls. But it’s really just a rung in the process explained by Gandhi’s quip “First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi But perhaps we can clear things up. a) Science is never “settled”.   Answering one question in science always generates ten more questions.  Calling science “settled” is nothing but politics.  If you have to legislate science to impose it, it ain’t science. Solar Flare / Coronal Mass Ejectionb) Climate variation has been the normal state of the earth for billions of years. It’s tied to normal variation in solar activity in sun spots, solar wind, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections. In fact, the 70 year long pause in sunspot generation in the 1700’s (called the Maunder Minimum) caused the French Revolution, by the unusually cold years causing repeated wheat crop failure in Europe. The rest of Europe – Ireland, Germany, Poland, etc. all adapted by switching to potato based diets (the potato having been newly discovered …

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Weaponizing the Sun, Rube Goldberg style

A friend sent me an article concerning today’s transit of the planet Mercury, crossing the face of the sun from earth’s perspective, and relating it to biblical doomsday prophecy.  He was wondering if he should worry. My first instinct is no.  1) Mercury orbits the sun 4 times a year, so that is not rare.  And 2) Mercury’s orbit is skewed, so it actually gets between the sun and the earth about 8 times per century, which on the astronomical scale of things, makes that not rare at all either. Mercury-orbit-a   Mercury-transit-a On the other hand, I have been watching scare tactics for years by people who want to “make us afraid” of the sun, the very thing most needed for life.  The usual tactic is to put up a spectacular image of a solar flare, along with very scary sounding articles that such a thing could take down all electronics & electronic communications, the power grid, hospitals (oh the humanity), GPS & navigation, the unnecessary and suffocating tangle of computers in automobiles & mass transit, will knock us back …

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