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Show Topic 01/17/2017 – Trump’s appointment of RFK Jr. to new Vaccine-Safety & Scientific-Integrity Commission

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RFK Jr. articles

Vaccine skeptic Robert Kennedy Jr. says Trump asked him to lead …

https://www.washingtonpost.com/…/trump…/4a5d03c0-d752-11e6-9f9f-5c… Jan 10, 2017 – Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a proponent of a widely discredited theory that vaccines cause autism, said Tuesday that President-elect Donald Trump …

Why Trump’s Meeting With RFK Jr. Has Scientists Worried – POLITICO …

www.politico.com/…/trumprobert-kennedy-jr-vaccines-meeting-autism-… Jan 12, 2017 – Those concerns only grew on Tuesday, when Trump met with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental lawyer who has long been immersed in … (parsing definitions….)

Trump team denies skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was asked to head …

www.cnn.com/…/robert-f-kennedy-jr-donald-trump-vaccine-commission… Jan 10, 2017 – Trump met with notable anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. … Washington …

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Dysphonia of the Larynx, another weird one found in the vaccine package inserts

I just read the very sad account of a much loved Atlanta, GA radio host who suddenly lost his voice in the middle of the 2016 presidential campaign and had to go radio silent.

The radio silence of Jamie Dupree

How awful.  What a loss.  This is the same thing Diane Rheem (NPR radio host) and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (campaigner for safe children’s vaccines) has.  But it is not such a mystery where it comes from.  Dysphonia is listed as a known adverse reaction in the package insert of the Flu vaccine: Pg 11, line 212 http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/UCM404086.pdf flulaval-package-insert-dysphonia-highlight An extra copy of the entire thing is here, in case the FDA shuffles its package insert URLs again, as it has been known to do.  (Can’t have people bookmarking vaccine package inserts, now, can we?) Every freaky ailment that suddenly comes on a person I have not failed yet to find listed as a known adverse reaction in the package insert of at least one vaccine. Including SIDS (the DTAP vaccine). empty space God help us all. Continue reading

So the CDC wants to know what’s ‘wrong’ with the MMR?!?

As the Vaxxed movie bus makes the rounds of the country, while you can still watch it cheap online or order the DVD to show all your friends, in the middle of the protest marches in front of CDC offices in Atlanta this week by parents of vaccine-crippled & vaccine-killed babies and children, the CDC decides it wants to take public comment on “what’s wrong with the MMR“?

CDC official flips the bird at grieving parents

CDC official flips the bird at grieving parents

It makes me sick. Really what it looks like is that they’re looking for how to ‘most effectively’ dumb down the package inserts! While playing shuffle the package insert URLs on the FDA website!  (Yes, all the bookmarks were changed a month or two ago.)  What pigs.  I don’t think they’re really out to help anybody at all, but people on social media are gearing up to do a core dump on them. Here’s what I’d like to slam them with, but … I’ll take a breath and think about it …

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Show Topics 06-21-2016, Nerve Regeneration

Nerve Regeneration, Articles discussed: Overcoming blindness: All About Vision, Aug 2015 Cataract Surgery Nature, 2004 Stem Cells to Replace the Optic Nerve   Overcoming Paralysis: Cancer Tutor, June 7, 2016 Spinal Cord Injuries – Nerve Damage Natural Treatments GreenMedInfo, June 29, 2012 6 Bodily Tissues That Can Be Regenerated Through Nutrition Inclined Bed Therapy, cured a paraplegic: KGUN9 News, May 20, 2016 Paralyzed man moves legs one week into stem cell treatment Arizona Daily Star, Dec 26, 2014 Once-paralyzed Oro Valley man now teaches tai chi NIH National Eye Institute, April 2015 Report on the National Eye Institute Audacious Goals Initiative: Regenerating the Optic Nerve Boston Children’s Hospital, January 14, 2016 Drug ‘cocktail’ could restore vision in optic nerve injury Addressing Other causes of blindness – Vitamin A, nutrition for eyes: All About Vision, Aug 2015 Vitamin A and Beta Carotene: Eye Benefits Wikipedia Carotene poisoning The importance of hope: Psychology Today, Dec 26, 2011 The Will and Ways of Hope   Hope vs Despair Continue reading