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Radio Topic 04/25/2017 – Interview with Christopher Wyatt, man on a mission

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  • Question: Did the CDC really recommend postponing / suspending breastfeeding during infant vaccination? Answer: Yes it did, in 2010, right here, but under the auspices PubMed at NIH.gov!
  •  Question: Does the CDC still recommend postponing / suspending breastfeeding during infant vaccination? Answer: No, not any more.  They got caught red handed, and posted a “new” study in June 2015, along with a “correction”for it, an erratum in Dec 2015, that seems to be for a spelling correction or something.
  • Question: Did Snopes lie in their …

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  • Tucker Carlson Interviews RFK Jr. on Vaccine Safety, and both ignore the elephant in the room!

    Tucker Carlson interviewis Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    Tucker Carlson interviewis Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.Tucker Carlson, took his life and his career in his hands on live TV on FoxNews this week, to cover a high-money artificially taboo topic, just as he is set to advance from the Queen’s seat, formerly Megyn Kelly’s time slot, to the King’s seat, formerly Bill O’Reilly’s time slot.   I hope you know what you’re doing, Tucker, because the Murdochs have been (figuratively) lopping off heads, ratings be damned, at the behest of sponsors, many of whom (pharmaceuticals) are known to have no qualms about knowingly (and literally) killing people’s children via vaccines.  So the vaccine industry would certainly have no qualms about literally coming after your head, too. So Carlson interviewed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Thursday (04/22/2017) about his vaccine safety campaign and research at the World Mercury Project, and gave him the floor.  What Mr. Kennedy had to say is of worldwide extreme importance, so please listen to him,  although it is extremely difficult to listen to him, owing to Mr. Kennedy’s voice Dysphonia.  (It is mercifully a short clip.)  Despite all the press releases and …

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    Radio Topic 03/21/2017 – What if HIV Positive = HOAX Positive?

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    empty space Censored : Positive Hell Joan Shenton HIV AIDS Queens World Film Festival 2017 Film: Positive Hell Visit Website: Positive Hell Positively False, book front Positively False, book back Book Website

    Web search on ‘Surviving HIV without Drugs’

    Living Without HIV Drugs – HIV+ people who have never taken …

    Living without HIVdrugs. This website is dedicated to the true-life stories of people who have two important things in common: 1. … and are living healthy, … …

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    Radio Topic 03/14/2017 – Societal Self-Abuse by “Daylight Savings Time”

    Clock, Daylight Savings Time
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    Aired 03/14/2017 empty space

    Is Daylight Savings Obsolete?

    Daylight Savings. Ugh. | Mercury on the Move

    And then daylight savings comes along and throws that all off. I hate that crap. … Artificial light has made daylight savings obsolete. It is bogus. https://mercuryonthemove.com/2017/03/13/daylight-savings-ugh/

    Is daylight saving time an obsolete nuisance? | GulfNews.com

    Is daylight saving time an obsolete nuisance? It is not surprising that a number of countries, … Most of the above arguments in favour of daylight saving time, … Continue reading

    A Handy New Tool for Implementing the U.S. Medical Police State

    Hand held Flu Breath Detector

    Hand held Flu Breath Detector “UTA Professor Invents Breath Monitor To Detect Flu « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth”

    It’s a revolutionary device that makes it possible to diagnose flu cases at home. Source: UTA Professor Invents Breath Monitor To Detect Flu « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth These will be handy for the nationwide medical police state (checkpoints, detainments, & forced vaccinations of anyone even suspected of being sick) which last year’s (114th) congress passed & Obama signed on their way out the door, in Dec. 2016. Congress.gov: New U.S. Law implementing Nationwide Medical Police State: https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/6 The citizens of so many states have been putting up with illegal (says 4th Amendment) DUI checkpoints for so long, that I bet the police won’t even tell you ~what~ they’re even “testing” you for with this new “breathalyzer”. Oh, and if you’re on somebody’s “travel ban”, whether you’re DUI or not, whether you have the “flu” or not, they’ll just press the “make this the positive” button. How conveeeeeenient. Investigator empty space Continue reading

    Show Topic 01/10/2017 — Government Lying and Mind Control

    Many Ways to Listen!

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    Articles on Government Mind Control Experiments and Programs

    They Say Government Mind Control Is Real—And That They’re Part of …

    www.thedailybeast.com/…/they-say-governmentmindcontrol-is-real-an… Sep 3, 2016 – Over the past 30 years, thousands of people who identify as “targeted individuals” claim the government is engaging in covert war on their minds. … Cheryl Welsh has been the target of a secret U.S. government mindcontrol experiment for almost 30 years. … People like Welsh, who …

    Government Mind Control Agent Talks – WhoWhatWhy

    whowhatwhy.org/2016/04/29/governmentmindcontrol-agent-talks/ Apr 29, 2016 – Government Mind Control Agent Talks. MK-ULTRA, the CIA, and LSD. Photo credit: Mark Kent / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0). WhoWhatWhy …

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    Show Topic 11/29/2016 – Will Trump Drain the Swamp at the CDC?

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      The Rosie O’Donnell Saga Trump quote: “I’ve seen it”  

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    Show Topic 11/15/16 – Politics of Climate

    Many Ways to Listen!

    empty space Climate Change & Global Greening Roy Spencer – Climatologist at the University of Alabama, it’s not all caused by man, and we have no idea how much or how little effect we actually have, and does not agree with political impositions on the poor, which will cause more poverty & kill more people. Suggests more CO2 is better for plant life. Says many scientists won’t speak out because they’re afraid they’ll lose their funding. Fear mongering makes money. Gavin Schmidt – NASA Scientist, Goddard Institute for Space Studies, NYC, agrees with Roy Spencer and then disagrees with Roy Spencer, in the same sentence. (Orbital wobble, volcanoes, & changes in the Sun.) …

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    Show Topic – 10/11/2016 – The Militarization of the CDC

      Today we’ll be discussing the Militarization of the CDC (& other agencies) Today is October 11, 2016.  You only have until October 14, 2016 to make your public comment on the CDC website and contact your representatives. NVIC Info: CDC Wants to Expand Power to Eliminate Measles What You Need To Know and Do Now

    NVIC Info: Government Police Powers A History of Public Health Laws, Quarantine and Detention Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute U.S. Govt Agencies already militarized

    Govt Test Runs of House to House Vaccine Enforcers

    Mandatory door to door vaccinations and why – YouTube

    Video for door to door vaccinations▶ 6:23 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjMRaNuxpjc Feb 9, 2013 – Uploaded by sailingmanuel Make up your own mind on vaccines. … Mandatory door to door vaccinations and why. sailingmanuel …

    Door To Door Vaccinations?- “Get The F**K OUT” – …

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    Show Topic 09/13/2016 – Getting Off the Grids

    Tuesdays on Freedomizer Radio 4:30pm-6:00pm MST/PDT aka 7:30pm-9:00pm EDT Listen right on this page, or on the BlogTalkRadio phone app or during the live show by phone at (347) 324-3704. (Press 1 if you want to talk on-air.) Electricity

    5-hour Energy creator to roll out pedal-powered energy solution in …

    www.treehugger.com › Technology › Clean Technology Oct 6, 2015 – Pedaling for an hour on Manoj Bhargava’s ‘Free Electric’ hybrid bike can supply … 5-hour Energy creator to roll out pedalpowered energy solution in India … bike generator, a new medical device, a new take on geothermal energy, … If I had to guess, it looks like they are using the that big fly wheel (it’s what …

    Study: Batteries Necessary To Support Solar Power Don’t Exist

    Daily Caller-7 hours ago “Photovoltaic [solar power] systems coupled with lead-acid batteries do not ensure electrical self-sufficiency for a residence at a reasonable … Story image for solar power systems from Science Daily

    New technology puts solar power to work all night long

    Science Daily-Sep 12, 2016 Energy storage is crucial for …

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    Show Topics 09/06/16 – CDC Militarization & the Cancer Carousel


    4:30pm-6:00pm MST/PDT aka 7:30pm-9:00pm EDT aka 01:30-03:00 UT Listen right on this page, or on the BlogTalkRadio phone app or during the live show by phone at (347) 324-3704. (Press 1 if you want to talk on-air.) U.S. Government still agitating for Mandatory Vaccines

    The CDC Medical Police State: The Right to Detain Anyone – InfoWars 09/05/2016

    CDC Militarization Proposal: “Control of Communicable Diseases—Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.”  accepting public comment until 10/14/2016

    This is in the face of

    The White House petition of March 2015, that had over 130,000 signatures, when only 100,000 were needed,

    And which Obama had the Surgeon General blow off.

    mosquito The Zika Trigger: CDC Unveils Forced Vaccination and Quarantine Policy, Mass Aerial Spraying of Subject Populations By James F. Tracy, September 06 2016 The CDC has invited “public comment” on a disturbing edict that would allow it to quarantine entire geographic areas of the US, restrict the movement & behavior of people in these areas, and require they undergo vaccination. …

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    Italian Parliament Weighs Legislatively Imposing Obsolete Science


    The Italian parliament is considering outlawing vegan and vegetarian diets for children, based on obsolete science. Parents who ‘force’ vegan diets on their kids may face four years in jail in Italy Italian-Vegan-PrisonA quick jump into a favorite search engine turns up the truth. “Vitamin D” is easily obtained from 2 non-meat sources – sunlight, and mushrooms that have been exposed to sunlight. “Omega-3” is easily obtained from several non-meat sources – soy, walnuts, canola oil, flaxseeds & flaxseed oil, hempseed oil, chia seeds & oil. “Zinc” is easily obtained from beans, nuts, and whole grains. “Iron” is easily obtained from Legumes: lentils, soybeans, tofu, tempeh, lima beans. Grains: quinoa, fortified cereals, brown rice, oatmeal. Nuts and seeds: pumpkin, squash, pine, pistacio, sunflower, cashews, unhulled sesame “Vitamin B-12” – While supplements can be helpful, it’s always better if you can get the nutrients you seek from “context” food sources, and indeed research is showing promising results from certain sea vegetables, certain mushrooms, specially treated hydroponic lettuce, and organic (but unwashed) produce, something most people would find unpalatable, but hey. Obviously good nutrition …

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    Show Topic 07-26-2016, Candidates’ positions on vaccine mandates

    Hey! Today on the Mad Scientists Exposed radio show, we’ll be discussing candidates’ positions on mandating vaccines, whether by “law”, by health insurance or hospital “policy”, or by all out Obamacare fiat “regulation” by unelected bureacurat. Yes, we still have some house-cleaning to do in the land of the free! (not “free” as in no cost, but “free” as in LEAVE ME ALONE!) There are a lot of federal and state offices up for grabs across the country. We’ll be discussing several big name candidates, but your humble host can’t know them all. Please call in with info on the candidates in your district, especially if you ARE a candidate for office! Tuesdays on Freedomizer Radio 4:30pm-6:00pm MST/PDT aka 7:30pm-9:00pm EDT aka 01:30-03:00 UT Listen right on this page, or on the BlogTalkRadio phone app or during the live show by phone at (347) 324-3704. (Press 1 if you want to talk on-air.) 07/26/2016   Donald Trump‘s position on mandatory vaccines: “Autism has become an epidemic. 25 years ago, 35 years ago, you look at the statistics, not even close. It has gotten totally out of control. I am totally in favor of vaccines, but I want smaller doses …

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    @AnnCoulter, Time to Join Trump in His Vaccine Skepticism


    Ann Coulter launches a vaccine war on her Facebook page against illegal immigrants, and then deletes multiple comments linking to the FDA website proving the dangers of the MMR vaccine.

    Ann Coulter,  I sure hope you’re on board with Trump’s vaccine skepticism, because vaccine skeptics are a non-insignificant part of Trump’s base, which the MSM won’t touch. They tried last year, but dropped it like a hot potato when even Dr. Ben Carson, former Chairman of the Board of vaccine manufacturer Vaccinogen, Inc, was forced to agree with Trump on national TV during the 2nd Republican debate. I am suggesting you read up on the issue.  Plenty of sources, especially the FDA’s own download of the MMR package insert stating how dangerous the MMR vaccine really is. So I’m sorry the illegal immigrants are coming into this country so malnourished they’re carrying diseases. That is easily fixed by teaching them how to use modern plumbing and building their immune systems with nutrition.  But I 100% support the workers at the detention center (which is only 1 hour away from where I live) in their refusal …

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    Show Topics 6-14-2016, Pre-Crime



    BigThink.com > yr ago Pre-Crime Detection System Now Being Tested in the U.S. BigThink.com > yr ago Pre-Crime and Punishment Washington Post 12/01/2015 – The age of ‘pre-crime’ has arrived ARS Technica 03/08/2016 China is building a big data platform for “precrime” WND 06/14/2016 Orlando mosque tied to case Hillary’s State Dept scrubbed – Agency, DHS had ‘concerns’ about targeting Muslims InfoWars 06/14/2016 – Hillary Blocked Investigation into Orland Killer’s Mosque BigThink.com 06/14/2016 The Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History Was Not in Orlando EdAugusts.com 06/14/2016 – Astrology Chart of Omar Mateer SuzCorner 06/14/2016 – On Restraining the Government – Nationalism Movements in America vs Across the Pond empty space ~ Investigator empty space  

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    Show Topics 06/07/2016, When the State Becomes Predator

    Power of the State Science Scientists Doctors Child Protective Services Adult Protective Services Animal Protective Services Veterinarians Pets Animals Animal Hospitals Euthanasia Animal Health Animal Vaccines Greg Wyatt and the story of the horrific abuse of his family by the State   A pleasant discovery, an industry that specifically caters to human kindness, and the relationships between people and their pets: PetCemetery Another online resource for Pet Loss Grief Support
    Rainbow Bridge, Pet Loss Grief Support
    Rainbow Bridge & Candle Ceremony
      empty space

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    “Do Your Research” she said with a sneer

    A doctor friend who still believes in vaccines, whom I know in real life, posted an article on Facebook, that I could not help but be sickened by: “Dementia Risk Lower in Vaccinated Heart Failure Patients“.  Seeing it for what it was, a desperate attempt by the industry to try to sell the public vaccines one last time, I asked him, (ok, I admit a little sarcastically): Of Course I trust Science. It's Scientists I don't Trust.Is that because they die faster?  (Sorry, but there is so much fraud going on in the vaccine industry right now, that I can’t find the room to trust even one vaccine.)  It’s not science I don’t trust. It’s scientists. Along comes some lady, who assumed without knowing anything about me, that I must be some kind of stupid: Um, kids used to die, go deaf, etc. from having the measles, not to mention the birth defects due to pregnant mothers catching it. Polio permanently crippled many thousands of children right here in the U.S., and is making a comeback in many parts of the world due to lack of vaccination. Smallpox killed millions. …

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    Colorado on track to mandate school “vaccine shaming” to the State

    The state legislature of Colorado has started down the same tyrannical path as California, by directly ignoring the protests of thousands of Colorado parents, the same  people they supposedly work for, swarming their committee offices.  Passing out of committee despite the overwhelming protests, the bill being pondered would mandate schools turn over their ill gotten collections of students’ private medical vaccine records to the state for God knows (we all do) the purpose of eventually tracking down the healthy unvaccinated for state required disease injections, for pharmaceutical profit and state-eugenic purposes.

    Colorado nurse shoving disease up child's nose

    Colorado nurse shoving disease up child’s nose

      Colorado Bill Would Require Reporting Of Non-Vaccinated Children       The only problem for the Colorado legislature is that the 300 year old paradigm of “injecting disease to prevent disease” is collapsing. The U.S. has the highest infant vaccination rate in the world driving the highest infant mortality rate in the world. Yes it’s direct causation. Of those children vaccines don’t kill, 1 in 6 develop auto-immune diseases, permanent lung damage, permanent …

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    Letter to One America News Network Concerning Polio Vaccine Fluff Piece

    One America News blurb Dear People at OAN, I am a fan of OAN.  It’s the one place on cable TV where I can (usually) get unbiased news, and just a few days ago, I put in a lot of thought and submitted a several paragraph comment to the FCC as to why any newly merged Charter/Time Warner conglomerate should be required to carry the OAN Network. But today I witnessed one of your history shorts that represents one of the oldest pieces of U.S. government propaganda out there. I’m talking about the first grade level “happy happy” white wash of the history of the polio vaccine.   I’m sure Dr. Salk’s research started out with very good intentions, and probably for the first 10 years of the vaccine, it did limited harm.  But it also did limited good.  By the time the polio vaccine was developed and disseminated, the incidence of polio was already on the steep decline, through improved hygiene, the expansion of modern plumbing, and especially, through the chlorination of swimming pools.  The most egregious obfuscater of facts, however, was that in the 50’s, medical science started redefining and …

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    Three More Babies Die After Hepatitis B Vaccine

    Prescribed for every baby born in the U.S. Only very assertive parent refusal can prevent it. 3 more babies die of Hep B vaccine   Three newborns in Vietnam passed away last month after receiving the hepatitis B vaccine. Hepatitis B is a virus that attacks… Read More: Three Babies Die After Hepatitis B Vaccine – Ancestral Nutrition     The only ways to contract Hep B except for direct injection at birth, are by (<sarc>typical baby lifestyles</sarc>) of drug abuse using dirty infected needles, and frequenting prostitutes. If your baby manages to not contract Hepatitis B within in his first year, don’t worry. There are multiple attempts to make sure he does, with multiple “boosters” within his first year.   Knowing the only two ways to catch Hep B without the shot, would you take this shot yourself, much less shoot it in your baby?   Why are we in this?   For the grandchildren we haven’t had yet, of course. empty space Investigator empty space

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