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Suppose the coming alien attack is a hoax. What then?

Suppose every tiny step listed in the following is believable. Suppose the saucer “crash” in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 was really a shoot down. Suppose the U.S. government, with the engineers on hand who had just invented the atom bomb, then completely reverse-engineered the saucer’s “electro-magnetic-gravitics” drive by October 1954. Suppose the military at that time decided to hide the entire new field of electro-magnetic-gravitics as its own military asset, so they could weaponize it. Suppose the military had long earlier mastered Tesla’s zero-point (“free”, as in, “it can’t be metered for profitable sale”) energy, and had similarly militarily sequestered that as well, as both a weapon, and because of the money interests in perpetuating the oil/gas/coal meterable energy economy. Suppose Werner Von Braun, the German become American father of Rocketry, warned that the next world wide war would be interplanetary. Suppose Eisenhower lost control of these shadow secret agencies, such that now 60 years later they run as 100% illegal extra-constitutional black budget programs, compartmentalized into 21 levels that answer to no one, not the congress, not the courts, and certainly not the president, and this was what Eisenhower meant in his parting speech warning about the “military…

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The New X-Files, Science Fiction or Fact?

Well, it seems some reviewers are disappointed the new X-Files show is more about government conspiracies and human mad scientists, than about the occult, aliens, and extra dimensions. Except for the plot bit about the knowledge of free energy coming from Roswell – when all good conspiracy theorists know it came from Nikola Tesla – it certainly seems that the story of X-files, whether it’s aliens or man-made guvmint, is the story of mankind itself. Evil people/aliens/demons oppressing & killing weaker people, or even better (from evil’s point of view) tricking gullible people into doing evil to each other. If these 6 episodes never touch on the vaccine industry, and its wake of death, destruction, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and eugenically driven SIDS rates (which must be driven up at all costs by tricking parents into killing their own babies with the exponentially expanding CDC “vaccine schedule”), as well as big-pharma’s 60% sponsorship of the main stream media as the means to cover it up, I’ll eat my hat. If this stuff doesn’t make you shake in your boots, ask yourself, just why are all American newborns required, within 24 hrs of birth, to receive the highly liver-attacking Hep B vaccine,…

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