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Radio Show – 08/01/2017 – Remember water-powerd cars? Here’s a water-powered House!

Mad Scientists Exposed Tuesdays 7:30pm ET, 4:30pm PT Thursdays 4:30pm ET, 1:30pm PT See more at MadScientists.Exposed & FreedomizerRadio.com Hydrogen House Project H/Cell Energy (HCCC) Musings on Water Powered Cars – How do you like me now, ay? Water Powered Car Ushers in Age of Aquarius June 14, 2008, by Suzanne Blogging Engineers Come to Blows over Water Powered Cars June 19, 2008, by Suzanne   Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car | Toyota Mirai Toyota Mirai Trailer for Movie in production Source: Ed Augusts’ World, followed by Mad Scientists Exposed 08/01 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts  

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Talking Back to Voices in One’s Head

The NYTimes yesterday ran a story on how group talk therapy is helping some mental health patients who are hearing voices reclaim their dignity of self-determination, by helping them understand the meanings of the internal thoughts they are “hearing” (simply by asking them!), and extricate themselves from the morass that is psychiatric/psychotropic drugs. An Alternative Form of Mental Health Care Gains a Foothold In the comments section, some people are chiming in (in more polite and PC terms, of course), that “talk therapy” is in fact old, but has been eclipsed and obfuscated in recent years by a big-pharma driven “just-drug-’em-all” modality that has engulfed psychiatry and mental health services.   Not that some drugs don’t help some people live more normal lives.  But we should have clearer definitions of what “normal” means, what “help” means, and exactly whom is being “helped”.  Sometimes it’s not even the patient. ($kaching kaching$) That article reminds me of the true story movie “A Beautiful Mind“, about math genius John Nash, who was hallucinating, but the drugs to suppress the hallucinations made a zombie out of him and were destroying his career, marriage, and family. So he simply went off the drugs, taught himself to…

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Dr. Tent: It’s Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses (from vaccines)

The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic – Dr. Tent – It’s Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses (from vaccines) In the video, Dr. Tent states he is the one who helped Ann Romney get her Multiple Sclerosis into remission. (Don’t use the word “cure”. Don’t EVER use the word “cure”. It is illegal.)   I always wondered how she did that, and I was hoping she’d write a book on it.  Her story of it being just “riding horses” just didn’t quite cut it for me.

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