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Radio Topics – 05/11/2017 – Vaccine (non) Safety Update, & the Unacknowledged Space Program

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More Vaccine (non) Safety Studies, from RFK Jr’s WorldMercuryProject DTP Vaccine Increases Mortality in Young Infants 5 to 10-Fold Compared to Unvaccinated Infants APRIL 24, 2017 Hiding In Plain Sight: Mercury still lurks in many common pharmaceutical products APRIL 11, 2017 Metals Debris Found in Vaccine Supply FEBRUARY 22, 2017 Yale University Study Shows Association Between Vaccines and Brain Disorders FEBRUARY 09, 2017 New CDC Research Debunks Agency’s Assertion That Mercury in Vaccines Is Safe FEBRUARY 02, 2017 CDC Knew Its Vaccine Program Was Exposing Children to Dangerous Mercury Levels Since 1999 JANUARY 20, 2017 CDC Blocks Testimony by …

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Radio Topic 04/27/2017 – NIH Study showing effectiveness of IM28 Food Supplement in Eliminating HIV, & other health news

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Inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1) replication …

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11200288 by K Diallo – ‎2000 – ‎Cited by 14 – ‎Related articles The inhibition of HIV-1 replication in vitro by Immunor 28 (IM28), an analog of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), was monitored using the HIV-1 laboratory …

Inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1) – NCBI

www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15707492 Virol J. 2005 Feb 11;2:9. Inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV–1) glycoprotein-mediated cell-cell fusion by immunor (IM28). Mavoungou D(1) …

Inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1) – NCBI

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov › NCBI › Literature › PubMed Central (PMC) by D Mavoungou – ‎2005 – ‎ Continue reading

Radio Topic 04/18/2017 – NASA, US Govt, & UFO “Disclosure” as a False Flag Attack

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Previous Coverage by MadScientists.Exposed

Radio Topic 04/04/2017 – Lyme Disease, & overcoming this bioweapon from hell

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“Lyme disease is set to explode and we still don’t have a vaccine” “Pandemic Risk: Zika Mosquitos in 129 California Cities”

Dr. Hulda Clark Book

            Karen Allen from the movie Indiana Jones talks about Lyme Disease and the Hulda Clark Zapper Overcoming MS with Hulda Clark’s Methods

Plum Island government lab & Lyme Disease

Plumbing the mysteries of Plum Island – CBS News

Plumbing the mysteries of Plum Island. Comment; … like that of the Montauk Monster, … scientific basis for suggesting that Lyme disease originated on Plum Island. Continue reading

Radio Topic 03/21/2017 – What if HIV Positive = HOAX Positive?

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empty space Censored : Positive Hell Joan Shenton HIV AIDS Queens World Film Festival 2017 Film: Positive Hell Visit Website: Positive Hell Positively False, book front Positively False, book back Book Website

Web search on ‘Surviving HIV without Drugs’

Living Without HIV Drugs – HIV+ people who have never taken …

Living without HIVdrugs. This website is dedicated to the true-life stories of people who have two important things in common: 1. … and are living healthy, … …

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Suppose the coming alien attack is a hoax. What then?

Suppose every tiny step listed in the following is believable. Suppose the saucer “crash” in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 was really a shoot down. Suppose the U.S. government, with the engineers on hand who had just invented the atom bomb, then completely reverse-engineered the saucer’s “electro-magnetic-gravitics” drive by October 1954. Suppose the military at that time decided to hide the entire new field of electro-magnetic-gravitics as its own military asset, so they could weaponize it. Suppose the military had long earlier mastered Tesla’s zero-point (“free”, as in, “it can’t be metered for profitable sale”) energy, and had similarly militarily sequestered that as well, as both a weapon, and because of the money interests in perpetuating the oil/gas/coal meterable energy economy. Suppose Werner Von Braun, the German become American father of Rocketry, warned that the next world wide war would be interplanetary. Suppose Eisenhower lost control of these shadow secret agencies, such that now 60 years later they run as 100% illegal extra-constitutional black budget programs, compartmentalized into 21 levels that answer to no one, not the congress, not the courts, and certainly not the president, and this was what Eisenhower meant in his parting speech warning about the “military …

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Show Topic 01/10/2017 — Government Lying and Mind Control

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empty space

Articles on Government Mind Control Experiments and Programs

They Say Government Mind Control Is Real—And That They’re Part of …

www.thedailybeast.com/…/they-say-governmentmindcontrol-is-real-an… Sep 3, 2016 – Over the past 30 years, thousands of people who identify as “targeted individuals” claim the government is engaging in covert war on their minds. … Cheryl Welsh has been the target of a secret U.S. government mindcontrol experiment for almost 30 years. … People like Welsh, who …

Government Mind Control Agent Talks – WhoWhatWhy

whowhatwhy.org/2016/04/29/governmentmindcontrol-agent-talks/ Apr 29, 2016 – Government Mind Control Agent Talks. MK-ULTRA, the CIA, and LSD. Photo credit: Mark Kent / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0). WhoWhatWhy …

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Show Topic 01/03/2017 – Water Cars – Allowed on Mars but not on Earth?

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Water as fuel not allowed on Earth

Blogging Engineers Come to Blows over Water Powered Cars

June 19, 2008, by Suzanne  

Water Powered Car Ushers in Age of Aquarius

June 14, 2008, by Suzanne

Genepax Water Car Company Developing English-Language Web Site

June 18, 2008, by Suzanne I don’t think Genepax realized the attention they were going to garner from all over the world, or they might have had an English-language web site ready before their big unveiling last week. 😉 I myself was so happy to see the story of their water-powered car, that I jumped to the URL they had […]  

Circular …

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Sex Robots are Degrading, and part of the Depopulation Agenda

Originally published at SuzCorner.com.

Giant Trash-Barbie Sex Robot

Giant Trash-Barbie Sex Robot

Re: “Sex will be just for special occasions in the future as robots will satisfy everyday needs” So love is not an every day need? The filthy media hype and sales pitch of “sex with robots” continues, but then they gleefully hide the truth in plain site, even right in the headline. Ordinary man-woman sex are to be legally banned. And God, no marriage licenses, will be allowed. The NWO self-appointed-elite (that means you’re just a farm animal to them) have been working so hard to dismantle the whole institution and custom of marriage, they gotta find a way to sell it. Here! Have a filthy robot you’ll have to hose down every time you use it.

Georgia Guidestones 1st Commandment - Depopulation of the earty by over 90%

NWO Depopulation Agenda carved into stone in Stonehenge-like “Georgia Guidstones” monument near Atlanta, GA, home of the CDC.

So here is the truth. The U.N./NWO arrogant-elite can’t talk us into depopulating fast enough for …

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Show Topic 11/29/2016 – Will Trump Drain the Swamp at the CDC?

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  The Rosie O’Donnell Saga Trump quote: “I’ve seen it”  

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Dysphonia of the Larynx, another weird one found in the vaccine package inserts

I just read the very sad account of a much loved Atlanta, GA radio host who suddenly lost his voice in the middle of the 2016 presidential campaign and had to go radio silent.

The radio silence of Jamie Dupree

How awful.  What a loss.  This is the same thing Diane Rheem (NPR radio host) and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (campaigner for safe children’s vaccines) has.  But it is not such a mystery where it comes from.  Dysphonia is listed as a known adverse reaction in the package insert of the Flu vaccine: Pg 11, line 212 http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/UCM404086.pdf flulaval-package-insert-dysphonia-highlight An extra copy of the entire thing is here, in case the FDA shuffles its package insert URLs again, as it has been known to do.  (Can’t have people bookmarking vaccine package inserts, now, can we?) Every freaky ailment that suddenly comes on a person I have not failed yet to find listed as a known adverse reaction in the package insert of at least one vaccine. Including SIDS (the DTAP vaccine). empty space God help us all. Continue reading

Show Topic 10-18-2016 – Preparing for False Flag EMP

To My Dear Oldest Friend in Germany:

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My Mom and I were closely following the election, and it is getting so bad, I’m almost glad she and my Dad will be spared what is coming in the near future. The two big countries the globalists need to take down to impose a worldwide tyrannical eugenic government are Russia and the U.S., and Obama, whose aspirations are to be the top guy of the U.N. (so his loyalties lie entirely with the globalist dictators), is intentionally trying to start a NUCLEAR WAR with Russia!! Putin has been begging the completely corrupt American press for months to tell Americans what Obama is doing, but they refuse. The only way we can know what Obama is really doing is through the “alternative” news sites in the U.S. (which both Hillary & Obama have made speeches they want to ban!), and through the mainstream news sites in Europe (if we speak the language)! So you already know all this, but Americans are intentionally being kept in the dark, because Trump is anti-war and against globalist-tyranny, and he’s way way ahead in popularity, but the corrupt American press are trying to …

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Ass Guarding A, B, C – Fascists’ Plan to Confine Humanity to One Planet

Orbiting Death Star planned by globalist elites to keep humanity from escpaing the earth

Fascist & Genocidal Elites plan permanently orbiting death stars, above all earth law, to forcibly confine all Humanity to the Earth

Wow, We called this one a couple of weeks ago – the Global Elites plan to kill off all space colonization and forcefully confine all humanity to the earth, to keep all the fish in one barrel, where they can take their sport depopulating the earth. In observing the stepped up game of worldwide genocide, the depopulation of humanity by 13/14 =  93%, by the self-appointed Corporate Elites against humanity, we wondered, “Why now?” Well, of course.  It’s a race against time.  They did manage to stop all manned interplanetary exploration by putting a halt to the moon landings for 46 whole years, but they couldn’t stop it forever.  It’s not just a goal of depopulating the earth and sadistically uber-controlling what few slaves are left of humanity, but of controlling every last living soul of humanity. A friend sent me a video on prepping for what the video producer believes is an …

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Show Topic – 10/11/2016 – The Militarization of the CDC

  Today we’ll be discussing the Militarization of the CDC (& other agencies) Today is October 11, 2016.  You only have until October 14, 2016 to make your public comment on the CDC website and contact your representatives. NVIC Info: CDC Wants to Expand Power to Eliminate Measles What You Need To Know and Do Now

NVIC Info: Government Police Powers A History of Public Health Laws, Quarantine and Detention Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute U.S. Govt Agencies already militarized

Govt Test Runs of House to House Vaccine Enforcers

Mandatory door to door vaccinations and why – YouTube

Video for door to door vaccinations▶ 6:23 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjMRaNuxpjc Feb 9, 2013 – Uploaded by sailingmanuel Make up your own mind on vaccines. … Mandatory door to door vaccinations and why. sailingmanuel …

Door To Door Vaccinations?- “Get The F**K OUT” – …

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You are healthy DESPITE vaccines. Not because of them.

Just met a woman who is ok with mandatory vaccines, enforced by SWAT teams in goon trucks, even though she witnessed a vaccine nearly destroy her own beloved cat.  (Doesn’t sound like she has children.  You know, like the Dopey Snopes couple.)   The woman and the cat managed to live through their own vaccines, for now, so she is ok with Gestapo boots kicking down your door and forcing needles of disease, heavy metals, and random biological crap into your family.   Guess she doesn’t realize they’d come for her, too.  Well then, she deserves what she gets.  But the rest of us sure as hell don’t. So lady, the 300 year old paradigm of “injecting disease to prevent disease” is collapsing. You will have to realize that you are already healthy, DESPITE vaccines, not because of them. The decrease of disease in our society is due to the invention of indoor plumbing, and increased food and nutrition options (if you choose wisely). Vaccines can never make or keep you healthy. Every shot is nothing more than a pull at the Russian Roulette trigger that can kill you (and your cat) at any time.  I have …

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Open Letter to Donald Trump on Upcoming Presidential Debates

Dear  Trump Team, MSM hit pieces (see list) and paid social media trolls (screenshot) have recently started coming out attacking Mr. Trump on his vaccine-caution stance.  The MSM had been forced to drop the issue for over a year, after Mr. Trump & Dr. Ben Carson smacked them down on the issue during the 2nd Republican debate. But as the Establishment is running out of time and issues to attack Mr. Trump with, they are getting desperate and are having to return to their own vomit (so sorry for the analogy, I can’t think of a better one).   I would bet money on this being an issue in the upcoming debates. In the view of the corrupt vaccine industry, heads of which are intertwined with the CDC & FDA, there is a lot financially at stake in this election, as the 300 year old (pre-indoor-plumbing era) vaccine paradigm is collapsing.  Americans are fed up with the ridiculously escalating vaccine schedules (70 by age 18, 135 by age 75 – with 300 more in the pipeline), with the U.S. (highest in the world) schedules in the first year of infancy driving the U.S. …

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Watch for MSM attack on Trump concerning vaccines in 2nd presidential debate

The drum beat is starting.  They’re putting out trial balloons to see if it floats.  The Daily Beast is running a hit piece right now on Donald Trump for his vaccine caution, while failing to mention that world-renown neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson agreed with Trump at the main stream media’s own behest on national television, that reducing the extremely heavy vaccine burden on babies is perfectly acceptable. After that big backfire over a year ago, the main stream media, while frothing at the mouth to attack Trump on every other issue, has not dared to bring this issue up again, #1 lest they cause more backlash support for Trump, and #2 lest they give further airing to the corruption of the predatory vaccine/pharma industry that pays 70% of the main stream media’s bills as sponsors. But now, as they are running out of time “to bring him down” (as if that were their job), they are desperate, desperate.  They have barely a month before he is elected in a landslide, by people who are tired of being lied to (by the MSM), as corrupted state legislatures across the …

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Show Topics 09/06/16 – CDC Militarization & the Cancer Carousel


4:30pm-6:00pm MST/PDT aka 7:30pm-9:00pm EDT aka 01:30-03:00 UT Listen right on this page, or on the BlogTalkRadio phone app or during the live show by phone at (347) 324-3704. (Press 1 if you want to talk on-air.) U.S. Government still agitating for Mandatory Vaccines

The CDC Medical Police State: The Right to Detain Anyone – InfoWars 09/05/2016

CDC Militarization Proposal: “Control of Communicable Diseases—Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.”  accepting public comment until 10/14/2016

This is in the face of

The White House petition of March 2015, that had over 130,000 signatures, when only 100,000 were needed,

And which Obama had the Surgeon General blow off.

mosquito The Zika Trigger: CDC Unveils Forced Vaccination and Quarantine Policy, Mass Aerial Spraying of Subject Populations By James F. Tracy, September 06 2016 The CDC has invited “public comment” on a disturbing edict that would allow it to quarantine entire geographic areas of the US, restrict the movement & behavior of people in these areas, and require they undergo vaccination. …

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Show Topics 08-16-2016, Voices, Outlawing Veganism, Hillary & Bill’s Health


Tuesdays (Today!) on Freedomizer Radio 4:30pm-6:00pm MST/PDT aka 7:30pm-9:00pm EDT aka 01:30-03:00 UT Listen right on this page, or on the BlogTalkRadio phone app or during the live show by phone at (347) 324-3704. (Press 1 if you want to talk on-air.) Today’s Episode: 08/16/2016 Talking Back to Voices in One’s Head Italian Parliament Considers Outlawing Veganism & Vegetarianism for Children Hillary & Bill Clinton Secret Service Whistleblower: Hillary Has Major Neurological Problems, Parkinsons Hillary’s on-camera seizure Bill Clinton – Simultaneous Nose & Mouth Breather, seeking oxygen

Bill Clinton Nose AND Mouth Breather - Heart Disease & Lung Congestion?

Bill Clinton, Simultaneous Nose & Mouth Breather

Bill Clinton, Nose AND Mouth Breather

Heart Disease w/ Lung Congestion?

Ed Augusts, Guest Caller, astrological analysis of personalities of Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Why are Bill & Hillary both so sick together?  Shared diet?  Shared vaccine schedule?  Is it too late for them to detox, push in nutrition, & recover? Fred Phillips: Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally …

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Why & When is it a good time to stop vaccinating?


Cannibalism by Vaccine Injection Back when the internet was too young to download any package inserts and nobody knew any better, or knew the dangers of it, we had our kids all vaccinated. Still, at the time the rumors were running high that the (then) brand new chicken pox vaccine contained aborted human fetal cell tissue.  I certainly didn’t Human Fetus at about 11 weekswant to be injecting other people’s aborted children into my own, so I asked the pediatrician about it, and she went away for a few minutes to “look it up”, came back, and LIED TO MY FACE.  Now whether someone lied to her first, I’ll never know, but we know now that that’s exactly what is in the chicken pox vaccine and many other vaccines, because it’s published right on the FDA website in the package inserts. Anything listed in the ingredients  that says “human-diploid” or “human diploid” is exactly that.  Fetal tissue from other people’s aborted children.  The CDC even condenses the list for us, so we can see them all at a glance.  There is only one word for that, folks.  Cannibalism. …

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