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Mad Scientists Exposed – 09/15/2017 – MIT Floats Idea to Inject Babies w/ 2 years worth of vaccines ALL AT ONCE

Friday 09/15/2017 – 7:30pm EDT, 4:30pm PDT (Show starts at 90 minutes into schedule block.) Mad Scientists Exposed Tuesdays & Fridays – 7:30pm EDT, 4:30pm PDT See more at MadScientists.Exposed & FreedomizerRadio.com MIT floats idea to inject infants with 2 years worth of vaccine schedule ALL AT ONCE! MIT Article – Original Source Naming Names!!! More on this topic A Doctor Speaks to Other Doctors with Hard Research – “Why Do Parents Refuse to Vaccinate Their Children?” The Mad Scientists Exposed Investigator speculates the reason this Weaponized Vaccine Agenda is being so accelerated by the world power brokers, is because the current money/power system is being collapsed by the DECENTRALIZED cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin.  Everything is connected!!  They are desperate!   Wharton School of Finance weighs in on – “How Will Trump Reshape the Federal Reserve?” Cassini Dives into Saturn – 09/15/2017 The constellation (foretold in the bible, Revelation 12), happens in 8 days on 09/23/2017, depicting the birth of Jesus the King, (although Saturn is not part of this unique formation). 23 Sept 2017, Rosh Hashanah: Signs in the Heavens, Woman Clothed with the Sun, Moon Under Her Feet And a Crown of 12 Stars on Her Head ! Red…

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Radio Topic – 08/29/2017 – Weaponizing Hurricanes – Is Hurricane Harvey being weaponized?

Tuesday 08/29/2017 – 7:30pm EDT, 4:30pm PDT (Show starts at 90 minutes into schedule block.) Mad Scientists Exposed Tuesdays & Fridays – 7:30pm EDT, 4:30pm PDT See more at MadScientists.Exposed & FreedomizerRadio.com   Is Hurricane Harvey being weaponized? Was Hurricane Sandy? Hurricane Katrina? Search on “weather modification Hurricane Harvey” YouTube search on “weather modification Hurricane Harvey” Yours truly, the Investigator at Mad Scientists Exposed, believes the vaccine industry will launch its marketing of its new (weaponized) Ebola vaccine on the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Give it a month. You heard it here first! And I heard it from this vaccine researcher that the industry would be looking for a place to launch their Ebola “vaccine” marketing campaign on the public. The people in this video were speculating it would be in Florida, but why would they wait? Time is money, and Texas as flooded as it is now, is ripe for “disease”.  

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Radio Topic – 07/25/2017 – Science’s Extreme Failure, Charlie Gard – Science’s Extreme Success, Secret Space Program

(Show begins 90mins into schedule block.) Update on Charlie Gard FOX5 Vegas – KVVU Strange Bug Bites Chandler Man’s Arm

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Radio Topic – 07/18/2017 – Weaponized Science, and why it must fail

Update on British Baby Charlie Gard Artificial Intelligence, and the Agenda Behind it Max Igan “The Coming 5G Roll-out & AI Will Transform Human Society By 2025!” Elon Musk & Artificial Intelligence Warnings What is Smart Dust?   Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics – vs – Satan’s 4 Laws of Robotized Society Who decides what’s “best” for humanity?  Why, the WHO, as spelled out by the Georgia Guidestones, of course.  

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NYMag yanks entire comment section of article over just one anti-vax comment

WOW!!  The NYMag arm of the eugenic vaccine industry propaganda machine is really scared!  Two days ago on Dec. 1, they issued this hit piece on Tom Price, Trump’s designated Secretary of HHS – Tom Price Belongs to a Really Scary Medical Organization That Promotes Anti-Vaccine Hysteria Then yesterday, Dec. 2, NYMag deleted the ENTIRE comment section of that same article after I posted that it wasn’t “science” anti-vaxxers don’t trust, it’s SCIENTISTS, that Tom Price was being sent to “Drain the Swamp”, because the profit-driven vaccine industry is intertwined with the CDC and faces no liability whatsoever no matter how many people they kill and maim, so they’ve been killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of people with impunity!!!   I said that surely NYMag was opposed to killing and maiming people, and for ending CDC corruption.  I dared anyone reading to just scratch the surface and search on CDC corruption and social media for the hundreds of thousands of people telling their families’ stories of vaccine injuries & vaccine DEATHS. And apparently after I posted that, the WHOLE comment section on that article just went “POOF!” up in a puff of smoke! That means Tom Price is EXACTLY the…

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