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Radio Topic 03/07/2017 – Possible New Tools of the Wordwide Medical Police State

  A Handy New Tool for Implementing the U.S. Medical Police State GOOGLE AI can diagnose cancer faster than human doctors… U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Border Patrol Agents Provide Medical Care at Checkpoint BIRD FLU DETECTED IN CHICKEN FACILITY IN TENNESSEE… Wikileaks: [OS] PAKISTAN/HEALTH – Bird flu control programme to be devolved to provinces Wikileaks Vault 7: CIA Listening in to ALL homes via All Operating Systems, Phones, & Smart Devices Nine Population Strategies to Stop Short of 9 Billion Lots of info, because you are NOT party of the elitists’ “herd”: Natural Family Planning – the couple chooses when to get pregnant while preserving their dignity When the state believes it owns your children: Medical Kidnap New satellite can forecast lightning strikes…    

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Is THIS the Real Reason Google Banned & Delisted NaturalNews.com???

Just two weeks ago, NaturalNews.com ran an article about a man we’ve posted about here recently, too, Dr. Steven Greer.  We hadn’t realized NaturalNews was also posting about him, but as everything Dr. Greer is saying is documented and witnessed and appears to be true, is NaturalNews’ huge audience of millions for exposing this stuff, the real reason Google has completely delisted NaturalNews’ entire website, and even banned it from their advertising chain? NaturalNews: “REAL or HOAX? UFO experts warn of “cosmic false flag” event, claiming deep state will fake alien invasion to achieve totalitarian control over humanity” Well, we take note that way back in 2009, Google abandoned it’s “Don’t be Evil” motto.    Oddly, this was just before Google’s stock took a permanent long term upward turn. Over the past year, it’s been documented that Google, which had first pulled out of the Chinese market because of the Chinese government’s requirement for censorship, was only taking some time off to learn the skills of censorship, from the best of the best (the Chinese), and is now all to happy to be getting back in bed with them.   And now is the time to implement, because the Chinese government, which…

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Google is Happy to Kill You Just as Doctors are Getting on Board with “Food as Medicine”

Reported by CBS Los Angeles, a new monthly “Take Your Doctor Grocery Shopping” Day! Some Doctors Prescribe Food Instead Of Pills To Treat Certain Patients February 22, 2017 11:00 AM WOW! We all knew this was true. Why take a drug when a food can cure you? Glad to see doctors waking up, because playing hostage to the big-pharma’s vicious “here’s a lifelong prescription” mentality ($kaching$ $kaching$), “and a fat prescription quota bonus for me” (hee hee), was collapsing the very credibility of the whole medical industry. So people have been using Google to search NaturalNews.com for the right foods for the right cures for several years now, and JUST THIS WEEK, oh so politically correct, or rather politically corrupt, Google has completely delisted NaturalNews.com!!!! I bet Google feels like the a**holes they are NOW!!! Go ahead, see for yourself. Search Google for “arthritis site:naturalnews.com”  You get nothing. Not.a.single.thing. Now try it in DuckDuckGo. Now try it in Bing.  Now try it in Yahoo.  You get everything.  All kinds of nutrition and Vitamin D articles. I will never use Google for any search ever again!  This is not a “boycott”.  This is  a matter of self-preservation. IT SIMPLY COULD MEAN…

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Space Weather – Incoming!!


A friend asked what I thought about this article: What is the difference between a photon and an electron? All I can say is a photon is not to be confused with a proton, (which I now see one of the article respondents also said).  Photons exhibit both particle and wave properties. Protons only exhibit particle properties. I guess like Helium and magnetism —- A friend and I have been watching feuding astronomers on YouTube who both/all watch satellite data. What they agree on is that our solar system is passing through a massive interstellar Helium cloud with associated gamma rays, which is having drastic effects on earth’s magnetic shield (CERN seems to be standing down at the moment, but for how long?). The helium is highly magnetic, and it’s spiraling massive amounts of energy into the earth’s magnetic core through the earth’s magnetic poles, causing the earth’s core to heat up. It’s also affecting the sun, causing massive gaping coronal holes on the solar surface right now, enabling the sun to expel stronger currents of solar wind, hitting the earth with even more energy. So we are observing increased seismic and volcanic activity from this all over the world,…

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Sex Robots are Degrading, and part of the Depopulation Agenda

Originally published at SuzCorner.com. Re: “Sex will be just for special occasions in the future as robots will satisfy everyday needs” So love is not an every day need? The filthy media hype and sales pitch of “sex with robots” continues, but then they gleefully hide the truth in plain site, even right in the headline. Ordinary man-woman sex are to be legally banned. And God, no marriage licenses, will be allowed. The NWO self-appointed-elite (that means you’re just a farm animal to them) have been working so hard to dismantle the whole institution and custom of marriage, they gotta find a way to sell it. Here! Have a filthy robot you’ll have to hose down every time you use it. So here is the truth. The U.N./NWO arrogant-elite can’t talk us into depopulating fast enough for their tastes. We just won’t stop copulating and having children, even though they’ve been selling contraception and abortion for people to just use each other and kill their children for the better part of a century now. They’ve even tried massive lab-created horror diseases trying to wipe out whole countries that somehow just refuse to spread. They even try vaccinating other people’s babies…

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Show Topic 10/25/2016: Fractals and Artificial Intelligence

10/25/2016 Mandelbrot – The Secret Life of Chaos – BBC 4 Preview (2:53) Fractals – Hunting The Hidden Dimension (53:13) The Fractal Brain Theory & the Unification of Neuroscience with AI … ▶ 1:57:22 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axaH4HFzA24 Sep 4, 2012 – Uploaded by Wai H. Tsang He will explain that the brain is a fractal computing architecture and reveal an elegant way of understanding … ————————————

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Show Topics 08-30-2016: Oct 1st U.N. Takeover of the Internet, & Spraying for Zika

08/30/2016 SunWebStudio: Obama’s Internet Giveway October 1st: Advice for Trump Campaign InfoWars: Bill Still on Internet Forfeiture: Newborn Born with Zika Virus Is Medical Mystery, Having No … View the picture ‘Newborn Born with Zika Virus Is Medical Mystery, Having No Signs of Microcephaly’ from the photo gallery … she shows no signs of microcephaly …   Organic Mosquito Control:

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