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Radio Topic 05/18/2017 – Rethinking Cancer

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(now 80 years of suppression!)

The Rife Research Community


How effective is Chemotherapy for Cancer?

Is Chemotherapy Effective? – ICNR

… that orthodox oncology can come up with is that it may actually be effective for 5 or 6 percent of cancer … Adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer: … icnr.com/articles/ischemotherapyeffective.html

How Effective is Chemotherapy? This study will shock you.

… the …

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Radio Topic 05/16/2017 – Glyphosate, Glyphosate, Everywhere

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  Vaccine News: Massachusetts Attorney General says it’s okay for mainstream media to publish death threats against “anti-vaxxers” – NaturalNews 05/16/20107 More children harmed by VACCINES than from GUNSHOTS, government statistics reveal – NaturalNews 05/16/2017

Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccines – NIH (archived) (saved)

Glyphosate News: Glyphosate.News Oregon government demands organic farm be POISONED with RoundUp (glyphosate), essentially at gunpoint – NaturalNews.com 05/15/2017    

What Is Glyphosate?

Glyphosate – Wikipedia

Glyphosate (N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine) is a broad-spectrum …

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Radio Topic 03/07/2017 – Possible New Tools of the Wordwide Medical Police State

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  A Handy New Tool for Implementing the U.S. Medical Police State GOOGLE AI can diagnose cancer faster than human doctors… US Department of Homeland Security Logo

U.S. Customs and Border Protection:

Border Patrol Agents Provide Medical Care at Checkpoint


RFID chip and database tracking of your health

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) – fda.gov

Radio Frequency Identification … In health care and hospital settings, RFID … The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program. Health Continue reading

So the CDC wants to know what’s ‘wrong’ with the MMR?!?

As the Vaxxed movie bus makes the rounds of the country, while you can still watch it cheap online or order the DVD to show all your friends, in the middle of the protest marches in front of CDC offices in Atlanta this week by parents of vaccine-crippled & vaccine-killed babies and children, the CDC decides it wants to take public comment on “what’s wrong with the MMR“?

CDC official flips the bird at grieving parents

CDC official flips the bird at grieving parents

It makes me sick. Really what it looks like is that they’re looking for how to ‘most effectively’ dumb down the package inserts! While playing shuffle the package insert URLs on the FDA website!  (Yes, all the bookmarks were changed a month or two ago.)  What pigs.  I don’t think they’re really out to help anybody at all, but people on social media are gearing up to do a core dump on them. Here’s what I’d like to slam them with, but … I’ll take a breath and think about it …

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Show Topics 09/06/16 – CDC Militarization & the Cancer Carousel


4:30pm-6:00pm MST/PDT aka 7:30pm-9:00pm EDT aka 01:30-03:00 UT Listen right on this page, or on the BlogTalkRadio phone app or during the live show by phone at (347) 324-3704. (Press 1 if you want to talk on-air.) U.S. Government still agitating for Mandatory Vaccines

The CDC Medical Police State: The Right to Detain Anyone – InfoWars 09/05/2016

CDC Militarization Proposal: “Control of Communicable Diseases—Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.”  accepting public comment until 10/14/2016

This is in the face of

The White House petition of March 2015, that had over 130,000 signatures, when only 100,000 were needed,

And which Obama had the Surgeon General blow off.

mosquito The Zika Trigger: CDC Unveils Forced Vaccination and Quarantine Policy, Mass Aerial Spraying of Subject Populations By James F. Tracy, September 06 2016 The CDC has invited “public comment” on a disturbing edict that would allow it to quarantine entire geographic areas of the US, restrict the movement & behavior of people in these areas, and require they undergo vaccination. …

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Why & When is it a good time to stop vaccinating?


Cannibalism by Vaccine Injection Back when the internet was too young to download any package inserts and nobody knew any better, or knew the dangers of it, we had our kids all vaccinated. Still, at the time the rumors were running high that the (then) brand new chicken pox vaccine contained aborted human fetal cell tissue.  I certainly didn’t Human Fetus at about 11 weekswant to be injecting other people’s aborted children into my own, so I asked the pediatrician about it, and she went away for a few minutes to “look it up”, came back, and LIED TO MY FACE.  Now whether someone lied to her first, I’ll never know, but we know now that that’s exactly what is in the chicken pox vaccine and many other vaccines, because it’s published right on the FDA website in the package inserts. Anything listed in the ingredients  that says “human-diploid” or “human diploid” is exactly that.  Fetal tissue from other people’s aborted children.  The CDC even condenses the list for us, so we can see them all at a glance.  There is only one word for that, folks.  Cannibalism. …

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Dr. Ben Carson has himself removed from the Vaccinogen Website



Heavy into Vaccine Research,
at least until just May 6, 2015


It was only a matter of time.   Months ago on May 6, Dr. Ben Carson told us all he had resigned as Chairman of the Board of Vaccinogen, a company working to inject you with cancer and call it a “vaccine”.   But for the last 6 months, the Vaccinogen website has still displayed his proud face as their Chairman of the Board. I’m sure this was becoming problematic for him, as vaccine-aware Americans were not entirely buying his disentanglement from the (weaponized) vaccine industry, even as he runs for president. So today, a visit to his page on Vaccinogen finally produced this:


Finally 404, Page Not Found


  Former Vaccine Executive Dr Carson Forced to Agree with Trump Vaccine Skepticism

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Open Letter to Dr. Ben Carson, Candidate for President

“Certain communicable diseases have been largely eradicated by immunization policies in this country and we should not allow those diseases to return by foregoing safe immunization programs, for philosophical, religious or other reasons when we have the means to eradicate them.” ~ Dr. Ben Carson, February 3, 2015


Dr. Ben Carson, Chairman of the Board of Vaccinogen, a vaccine manufacturer developing a cancer injection vaccine

Dr. Carson, you are a talented charming man, but you have made statements in favor of removing parental choice over which vaccines the government injects into their children, no matter what the consequences, even if they already have lost other children to vaccine-induced SIDS. At least, by not choosing your words carefully, that is what you have said. For this reason, as well as your position as Chairman of the Board with Vaccinogen developing cancer injections (to be called “vaccines”, to be later mandated by the government), parents who care about these constitutional, medical, and family issues are opposing your run for president, unless you change, or clarify, your position in favor of parental rights. Did you know that Rhode …

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