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Baby dies unexpectedly in mother’s arms. Media implies we ought to blame breastfeeding mother.

A baby in New York City has died in his mother’s arms while breastfeeding, as he and his mother were drifting off to sleep, right in sync with his CDC vaccine schedule, but the news report attempts to subtly guide the public into blaming his grieving mother – for doing what millions of mothers do every single day, breastfeeding themselves and their babies to sleep.

Baby Dies As Breastfeeding Mom Falls Asleep: NYPD

Significant for intentional sparseness of the story and the details NBC Chicago is leaving out, all we know is that a) he was 2 months old, and b) the mother dozed off holding her son as he breastfed, and c) she woke up to find him dead.

Just like the old wives’ tale that nobody believes anymore, we are supposed to conclude the mother  “carelessly smothered her son”, and maybe we should even put her in jail over it.  This is just a disgusting piece of the anti-mother & child agenda, the same agenda trying to ban nativity scenes at Christmas time, and the same agenda trying to hide of what most likely killed that baby.

What likely happened?

According to our own NIH.gov website, the countries with the highest infant vaccination rates have the highest infant mortality rates. The U.S. of course, is right near the top on both lists, but we’re not supposed to actually read science web sites, because pediatricians don’t. (They’re too overworked seeing chronically ill = vaccine damaged patients.)

So you know what the vaccine industry did to “fix” SIDS from DTAP?

In 2015 or 2016, they surreptitiously changed the market name for the deadly DTAP 2-month vaccine from “Tripedia” to “Daptacel”, so they could re-issue the DTAP package insert, in order to rename the known adverse reaction of infant-death from “SIDS” to “Apnea”.

Same thing. Listed right in the package insert for baby’s 2-month shots. Baby stops breathing and dies.

But now they spin the news so we’re supposed to blame the breastfeeding mother instead, and maybe even the breastfeeding itself. Really twisted.

Always remember, moms and dads and grandmas-to-be out there, the extremely bloated CDC Infant Vaccine Assault Schedule is downloadable, and so is ~every~one~ of the package inserts for the 27 (count’em 27) filthy disease & neurotoxin injections your newborn baby is “scheduled” to receive his/her first year, by self-important “authority figures” in white robes, er um, white coats.

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